Safety & Security Features of Milgard Windows

safety and security features

Safety is of prime concern when it comes to your home or office space, and Milgard windows stand out for the protection they offer. Milgard is an established leading name among San Diego’s home and office owners. The brand stands out for its unmatched blend of aesthetics, quality craftsmanship, and fantastic security features. They offer a lifetime warranty, and US Window & Door matches that warranty with a lifetime warranty on the installation too. With a wide variety of options to choose from, Milgard has something for every type of San Diego home or office space. They offer a full line of wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass windows, as well as patio doors. No matter what your style and preferences are, you can find something that fits your needs while also being remarkably safe and secure.

Milgard windows are durable and energy-efficient. They not only enhance the exterior look of your home but also keep the interior peaceful by blocking out unnecessary noise coming from outside. Milgard products are built to last and withstand varied weather conditions, which make them one of the smart investments you can make. The quality of Milgard windows shines through in the multiple awards the brand has received for design and innovation. They excel in several relevant categories, including durability, energy efficiency, security, and impact resistance.

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Milgard’s beautiful windows, such as the Milgard Montecito vinyl windows that are known for being easy to maintain. They offer high strength and durability, which will ensure you don’t have to worry about the safety of your San Diego home and the well-being of your loved ones. Milgard windows are crafted with the best quality materials and innovative technology that considers the needs of the modern home and business owners in San Diego and California. These windows are uniquely made to the style and fit of your existing home or office. They are sure to be the best option if you’re looking to renovate too.

Moreover, Milgard products boast some great security features which are sure to appeal to your needs. Let’s look at some effective preventative measures as well as top security features of Milgard windows that will help protect your home from intruders.

Milgard Windows Preventative Measures

Many people would say that prevention is better than cure. Although that may refer to health, it also stands true when it comes to securing your home or office space. Following some simple preventative measures can reinforce and strengthen the safety of all your windows and doors. After all, it’s been reported that a third of all burglaries in the US occur by intruders entering via a door or window that’s been carelessly left unlocked.

Keeping this in mind, one of the best preventative safety measures you can take is to make it a priority to lock your windows and doors when you close them. This is especially useful at night. Moreover, keep your windows closed whenever you don’t need ventilation, or when you’re not using a particular room. Open windows of an empty or a dark room are almost like an invitation for intruders, so you need to be cautious about closing windows.

You could set a reminder to bolster your Milgard windows’ safety by locking them when not in use. You can also use a post-it note on your door, reminding yourself to  lock your windows before you go out for work or shopping. Furthermore, you can protect your windows by putting some thought into their placement. Try to have them installed out of reach of children or pets who may accidentally unlock or open the window without you knowing. Moreover, teach your children and other members of your family the importance of keeping the windows locked when they’re not in use.

Also, don’t keep any valuables around your windows. A smartphone, wallet, or even a jewelry box that’s within reach might attract intruders. Such simple preventative measures can make a world of difference when it comes to enhancing your Milgard windows security features.

Milgard Windows Locks and Hardware

Investing in high-quality locks and hardware is one of the best things you can do to secure your home or office space. That’s why Milgard window locks and hardware provide you with a reliable multiple-point locking system that is a great option to ward off any unwanted visitors. Milgard’s automatic-locking window design has received accolades from the Arthritis Foundation for being functional and practical.

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In addition, Milgard was presented with the prestigious IDEA Award in 2008 by the Industrial Designers Society of America. Widely recognized for the exceptional quality of its products, Milgard also won the 2016 Window & Door Crystal Achievement Award for the most innovative window, particularly their radius casement window.

While the right kind of locks and hardware go a long way in protecting your loved ones and your home, it’s equally important to consider the possibility of emergencies and have a plan in place. Map out escape options for your family in case of fire or other hazards.

Milgard Opening Control

Milgard windows safety is further evident in the unique opening control device designed to prevent dangerous falls, especially for children or pets. This opening control device meets the ASTM F2090-10 standard for limiting the window sash opening to less than 4 inches. So when you invest in top-quality Milgard windows, you’d know your family’s safety is being looked after. At the same time, we advise taking precautions like only opening windows that are higher up and out of the reach of your children and pets. Moreover, ensure that they cannot climb on any furniture to reach the windows.

It’s also good to remember that while screens offer effective protection against insects, it’s not their purpose to prevent falls, so take adequate precautions and stay safe with the Milgard’s opening control mechanism. In case of an emergency, you can regain the full functionality of Milgard windows by manually disengaging the opening control when required. It resets when the window is closed again to keep your family protected.

Milgard SecurityMax Package

Given the need for window fixtures that are easy to operate and equally easy to maintain, Milgard created the SmartTouch lock for windows and the SmartTouch door handle. This is the company’s most advanced security lock yet, and it is available on Milgard’s Tuscany Series and Montecito Series patio doors today.

The SmartTouch bolt acts as a secondary lock that secures your patio door without any apparent fastening mechanism. To activate the multi-point lock, all it takes is a single flip of the SmartTouch handle. This enables four different locking points that secure the door in place. Experience the brilliance of this technology for yourself and maximize your protection with the Milgard SecurityMax package. This offering includes a unique multi-point locking system paired with the innovative SmartTouch bolt. The SecurityMax package is available for the Milgard Tuscany Series and Montecito Series sliding patio doors.

SmartTouch hardware is at the forefront of a significant new trend in home design known as ‘aging in place.’

This unique technology enables older people to live independently in their own homes with easy-to-use security features on windows and doors. Such innovation showcases how Milgard is committed to developing inclusive products and solutions.

The touch bolt has the added benefit of acting as a vent stop to keep the patio door slightly open for some fresh air and ventilation while the door remains locked. The SmartTouch bolt serves as a robust secondary lock on sliding patio doors. Some of the key benefits of this technology are listed below:

The SmartTouch window lock mechanism is part of the window sash, and it offers a discreet design. The window can be effortlessly opened or closed with a single movement. There’s no need for any pinching, squeezing or twisting, which makes it easy and convenient to use.

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♦ Streamlined and intuitive

SmartTouch offers peace of mind to every user. You can easily see when the window is locked or unlocked. Putting the handle down locks the window while getting it back up leaves the window unlocked. This means it’s effortless to use for people of all ages with varying physical abilities. SmartTouch makes a fantastic choice for people living on their own, as well as families.

♦ Provides optimum security at a glance

You can rest assured with the superior quality and durability of the SmartTouch lock as it is made of die-cast zinc. Engineers have assessed the technology based on AAMA certification testing guidelines and established that it exceeds California forced-entry codes by no less than 25%.

♦ Stronger and 25% Better

With such great features offered, the Milgard SecurityMax package is a fantastic deal for ultimate window security. Get in touch with us at US Window & Door to learn more and to get your own Milgard windows installed.

Hassle-Free Installation and Full Lifetime Warranty 

At US Window & Door, we take pride in providing high-quality products at the best prices. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Milgard, which is a brand with similar values. Together, we ensure that the installation of all San Diego windows is done in a professional and hassle-free manner.

The full lifetime warranty offered by Milgard stands out in the market, assuring repair or replacement of defective materials and covering the costs of labor and parts. For some products such as the Ultra and Tuscany Series, Milgard offers coverage for glass breakage. Again, this applies provided that the buyer of the product is also the homeowner.

Moreover, in case you sell your house, your full warranty also extends to the new owner for ten years from the effective installation date. Plus, this is entirely free! With such unparalleled benefits, we do our best to provide you with peace of mind and solve all your problems regarding repairs of window replacements we installed.

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US Window & Door is a top-rated installer of Milgard windows with hundreds of customer reviews to back up this claim. As an independent family business, you can trust that we focus on understanding your needs. Our employees receive the highest levels of training and education, to ensure a seamless installation process while prioritizing the safety and tidiness of your space. We double-check all measurements for accuracy, and we thoroughly inspect all jobs for quality before declaring them as complete.

In the rare event that our measurements are incorrect, we will cover the costs to bring in the right products and adjust our installation schedule accordingly. Moreover, we’ll protect your home and floors from any debris during window installation and ensure the installation process is finished as fast as possible. All in all, US Window & Door has got 30 years of expertise, and we’re committed to using only the best materials for all our San Diego windows installations.

Do you have any other questions or concerns about the safety and security features of Milgard windows? Let us know today. Contact us at any time, feel free to request a quote or give us a call for a free in-home evaluation for your next project. We know that every window installation and replacement is unique, and we guarantee the best price and quality no matter what your needs are.