Popular Window Style Options to Choose From

Popular Window Style Options to Choose From

June 14, 2021
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
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One of the biggest trends in home windows in San Diego is the use of high-quality, timeless windows, something we at US Window & Door have always strived for. With several decades of window specialization and experience, our expertise and knowledge on which window styles are currently popular and which will also look timeless are what most of our clients vouch for. 

Choosing the right windows for your home is a complex and difficult process as there are many types of windows available today. The windows must reflect the architectural style of the house, complement the interior, and let the sun in. You also need to consider the impact that the windows should have on your home’s exterior and the surrounding area as these decisions will affect the overall appeal and value of your home, as well as the comfort that your family will experiences indoor. This article lists five of the most popular window styles today.

Double-Hung Windows

This is one of the most commonly installed window styles, consisting of two independently moving sashes that allow the window to open vertically from top to bottom. Double-hung windows are fitted with sash windows that slide vertically along a rail to open or close them. This type of window is by far the second most popular, with most houses having at least one double-hung window. This window style is easy to use, and the sashes can be moved independently, making it a simple and practical window choice.


The selection of styles for a double-hung window is wide as there are countless manufacturers making this type of window and prices are generally reasonable due to the wide availability of this type of window. Double-hung windows are used in many modern houses, although they are more common in traditional houses. Classic styles, bungalow styles, and farmhouses, for example, use large, double-hung windows. 

tuscany double hung windows

Double-hung windows come in a variety of colors, and this may appeal to homeowners who want a more modern look than the traditional styles of the standard single-hung and double-hung windows. They are also available in a range of window material options, with wood and vinyl being the most popular ones.

🔹Prices are reasonable

Double-hung windows are not only an attractive option for a more contemporary look but also an economical choice. These windows are affordable, and they also boast customized improvements to improve energy efficiency.

🔹Weights and springs make it easier to open and shut

You can move the top sash down or the bottom sash up to let the fresh air in whatever way you like with double-hung windows. It’s simple to use, and it’s just as simple to close when needed or when the weather changes. If you need to add a window air conditioner, it’s also ideal.

Casement windows

Casement windows are a good choice for homeowners and business owners looking for windows that offer energy efficiency, durability, safety and versatility. This style is popular in contemporary interiors of modern San Diego homes and businesses, as well as in high-quality office spaces. Casement windows are a unique type of window that has a crank or handle that opens the glass horizontally or vertically on a hinge.

casement windows ultra series

It is a popular window style found in various home designs and can also be made as reversible windows, a house window style that rotates completely and provides easy access to both sides for cleaning. Similar to casement windows, the awning window is operated with a crank.

Awnings add character to your home by letting in plenty of natural light in, and they can be installed in combination with other window styles. As an added bonus, this popular modern window style is energy efficient.


🔹Keeps out drafts

Casement windows have a number of advantages, such as the fact that the window seal is generally quite tight compared to other window styles. The window sashes have an airtight seal when closed, preventing unwanted airflow into the house. A casement window is often considered better than double-hung windows because there is no gasket, and there is a lot of space between the two sides of an open window and its hinge.

🔹Provides security

Casement windows are usually relatively safe from intruders and can be useful when properly positioned to bring a cooling breeze into the house.

A lock on a sash window is embedded in the frame and ensures increased security. You can choose how wide you want to open the window so that you can open it in any direction without making your home vulnerable with a large opening.

🔹Allows homeowners to bring the air inside the house; thus cooling it

Unlike other windows, which can only be opened half vertically or horizontally, casement windows can be opened in any direction. This way, you can let fresh air in from the outside world as well as let the warm air out from inside your house.

Slider Windows

One of the main functions of sliding windows is that fresh air can enter your home and it is great for those who want to enjoy the landscape or nature. Sliding windows, also called sliders, can be a better option for your home or business, depending on lighting and ventilation requirements. They consist of glass windows that slide horizontally with upper and lower rails, and they are ideal for maximizing air circulation.


🔹Very durable

Sliders are a good choice if you need to open and close a window all the time as they are very durable. Sliding windows can be made with low-E glass coatings that can block harmful UV rays, helping to prevent furniture and floors from fading over time. They also have gas-insulated panes and non-conductive spacers for insulation against cold airflow.  

Having less moving parts is good news for energy efficiency, and if installed correctly, you can expect the sliders to last for many years.

slider windows

🔹Doesn’t have any cranks or mechanisms so they are easy to use

Sliding windows are very easy to operate, as they do not require a crank, and you do not need physical force to operate them. Sliding windows in the conservatory are a great option for combining the aesthetics of a home with the natural light of the sun and the comfort of a large window. They are known for their ease of use, and they can be ordered in double or triple panes for greater versatility and energy efficiency. They work very well in hard-to-reach places, and they are easy to open. Some sliders can even be tilted to clean them effortlessly, so they are a great option for people with limited space.

🔹Cheaper because of the simplicity of the design

Sliding windows are mechanically quite simple and have been popular since the early 20th century, especially in modern homes and offices. Because of their simplicity in design, window styles are cheaper; however, the price of a glass sliding replacement window depends on the size and material you choose, as well as the quality and material of the frame, including the type of glass they are made of.

Picture Windows

While most homeowners prefer windows that open, there are some instances where a fixed window or a picture window  is the better option. The classing window that you think about is the best known example of fixed windows; however, there’s more than one type of fixed window. A fixed window means that the window uses fixed glass panes into its frame and does not open. When the window is fixed, it is permanently sealed but lets in light so that it provides a clearer view.

Where ventilation openings are required, fixed windows offer a wide range of ventilation options, such as air conditioning. Large picture windows are also often combined with an awning window to bring in subtle, fresh air and increase ventilation.

bedroom with picture window


🔹Better energy savings

When window shopping, the issue of energy conservation is often debated since these fragile openings should be built in such a way that they save the maximum amount of energy possible; otherwise, you can find yourself with high monthly energy bills.

Since fixed windows are installed for permanent immobility and are permanently sealed, they ensure maximum energy efficiency and save energy better than other window styles. Fixed windows are also maintenance-free, have excellent air tightness, water tightness, and great insulation since the glass and frame are the main components and have good sealing on four sides. 

They are built to allow the homeowner to enjoy the view through a window while still acting as a part of the home’s structure, and if you choose this type of window, you can experience lower energy costs than if you choose windows that open and close.

🔹Suitable for any architectural design

Modern home designs benefit from their simple design. There are many ways to make the most of your large window while remaining stylish. Large windows can help to create a lovely, natural atmosphere. Large windows allow you to see the beauty of whatever is outside your home without being blocked by walls. Your big picture window can be upgraded in a variety of ways.


Fixed windows are generally less expensive than other window types. They can be one of the least costly type of window from a financial standpoint but prices can range due to varying sizes and uses. 

Weather-stripping and the time it takes to assemble movable sashes are reduced. Fixed windows are unquestionably the most cost-effective. They are less expensive than casement windows and much less expensive than sliders.


Skylights or roof windows are defined as a fixed window that is installed in the ceiling.

skylights in bedroom


🔹Provides good light to the attic or second-story spaces

A skylight is a way to bring light to the attics and upper floors, where space for windows is limited. It is the best way to illuminate an attic or room on the second floor and provides light for the rest of the house as well as for other areas of your home.

🔹Helps exhaust hot air during the summer months and helps heat spaces during winter

A window can heat a room in winter with constant direct sunlight, but ventilation from the window can help to drain hot air during summer and cool it down at night.

Choosing a Window Style

Some of these styles are more common than others, but they all add significant value to a home’s overall aesthetics and curb. Choosing a window that harmonizes with the aesthetics of the house is the best way to go.

There are many ways to bring more light into the area and create a focal point for the house. It is a great alternative to traditional vinyl or fiberglass windows. The best part is that it lets in a lot of light which improves the ambiance of the living space while also providing ample ventilation. You can install a fixed window in the middle surrounded by double-hung windows. 

If you are interested in installing new windows for your home or business, contact us at US Window & Door for more information or to get a free quote. As Milgard’s top dealer in San Diego, we offer professional window replacement and installation services with the most popular window style options in the market to help you on your home improvement projects.