New Day, New Windows: The Top Signs Your San Diego Home Needs New Windows

New Windows

Have you had your windows for a while now? Are you starting to question their efficacy? If so, it might very well be time for a change.

While windows are designed to thrive for a few decades, they tend to deteriorate fairly quickly. In other words, when they go bad, they go bad fast.

The question is: how can you tell when it’s time for a new set of windows on your San Diego home? What are the signs that your existing windows aren’t getting the job done?

Below, we’re going to answer those questions in depth, offering the most common signs that it’s time for new windows. Let’s begin!


Your Home Feels Drafty

While the primary functions of windows are to provide visibility and sunlight, another function of windows is to provide insulation. If a window isn’t sealing out heat and cold, it’s not performing its job properly.

What’s a sign that your windows aren’t providing the appropriate levels of insulation? Drafts! If you feel drafts of wind coming in through your windows, they have deteriorated to the point that they can no longer seal out heat and cold.

There is little you can do to avoid this type of deterioration. It’s a natural part of the window aging process and can only be fixed with the addition of replacement windows.


Your Windows are Old 

Another sign that it’s time for a window replacement is if your windows are old. Depending on the type of windows you have, you can expect them to last anywhere from 15 to 25 years. Whereas vinyl windows will thrive for around 20 years, wood windows are a little more inconsistent, tapping out sometime between 15 and 25 years of use.

There are two reasons to replace old windows: 1. They’re likely in a state of deterioration, and 2. The new windows on the market are designed to be much more energy efficient than the ones you’re using currently.


Your Windows are Aesthetically Antiquated 

While it’s fairly rare, there are occasions in which residential windows just fall behind the times. Though they may perform exceptionally in terms of functionality, their aesthetics don’t align with the popular aesthetics of the day.

When this occurs, you have two options: 1. You can live on with ugly, out-of-style windows, or 2. You can replace them with fresh, current, and aesthetically-pleasing windows.

There’s no shame in replacing your windows simply for aesthetic purposes. Your home is representative of you as a person and you want it to be as positive a representative as possible.


You Can Easily Hear Traffic Noise in Your Home 

Another sign that your windows have bitten the proverbial dust is if you can easily hear traffic noise in your home despite the fact that your windows are closed. This is a sign that your windows have deteriorated and have lost their insulative capabilities.

Just like windows are expected to keep out the inward flow of heat and cold, they are also expected to keep out the inward flow of sound waves. While it’s not uncommon to hear some traffic noise through your closed windows, an excessive amount of traffic noise is troubling.

While there are some short-term fixes for insulating your windows, the only long-term option is to have them replaced with fresh windows.


Your Windows are Difficult to Open 

Windows are designed to be opened with a great deal of ease. Generally, all that should be needed to open a window is a slight twist of the wrist of lift of the arm. It should be simple and should require the expenditure of only small amounts of energy.

If your windows are becoming difficult to open, they have likely reached a point of irreparable deterioration. This deterioration was likely brought on by the natural shifting of your house. This shifting caused the frame of your window to become misaligned, creating a great deal of friction between it and its corresponding window sash.

What can you do to fix this? Replace your existing window with a new window.


Your Windows Won’t Get Clean 

Over time, windows take on a great deal of dirt and grime. This is just a natural by-product of the fact that they’re perpetually in contact with the outdoor elements.

For a good while, it will be possible to wipe away the dirt and grime from your windows. However, after some time, this dirt and grime will have taken a permanent effect, making it nearly impossible for you to wash your windows fully.

At this point, the only way you’ll be able to achieve perfect window cleanliness is by having new windows installed.


Your Energy Bills are Increasing 

Have you noticed an upward trend in the cost of your energy bills? If so, your windows could very well be to blame. Over time, as your windows break down and lose their insulative qualities, they will do a poorer and poorer job of keeping out heat and cold.

As a result of this, your air conditioner and heater will have to worker harder than they otherwise would in order to properly cool and heat your home. This, of course, results in more energy usage, which, in turn, results in more costly energy bills.


Your Windows are Physically Damaged 

One last sign that your windows should be replaced is if they’ve been physically damaged. Cracking and splitting windows are not capable of providing the insulation necessary for your home.

While you might be able to make some repairs to cracked and split windows, in many cases, a full replacement will be needed. Regardless of whether you need a repair or a replacement, we suggest calling up your local window company for an assessment.


Ready to Install New Windows?

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