Leave Your Window Installation to the Experts

Leave Your Window Installation to the Experts

July 26, 2021
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
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Once you have found the windows best-suited for your house, it is time to think about installation.  Homeowners either install the windows themselves or hire a professional team to do it for them. Sometimes, installing the windows on your own can cause more damage to your home and wallet than you would think if you lack the needed skill and experience. Unfortunately, most people don’t completely grasp what they are in for and how a professional can make life so much easier. Learn why you should hire a professional for your window installation in San Diego.

Installation Instructions

You can either replace your windows or install a new one. There are actually distinct differences between the two. When you replace a window, you are often leaving the original underlying frame material such as the water barrier. Whereas installation of a new window often means a full removal including the original base level frame to rebuild from the studs. Which you choose to do requires knowledge of which your particular replacement requires. Regardless of your requirements, you can count on the competence of experts to get the job done right. To get the most out of your windows make sure they are properly installed.

1) Prepare the Window Opening

Clean the entrance of the window. Remove any dust and debris with a shop vacuum if necessary.

2)  Use Flashing Tape

Tape the sill with flashing tape. It should stretch up the vertical leg of the stool and fit the length of the sill (the bottom ledge of the interior side of the window). Make sure it’s tucked into the stool’s corner. Check the level of the sill and make sure it isn’t bowing. Use shims to level the sill if necessary. Make sure they are leveled properly. Fix them with screws and flashing tape to keep them from moving.

3) Dry-Fitting

Install the new window in the opening by dry-fitting it. There should be a little space all the way around the frame. Remove the window from the frame. Large windows might be cumbersome to operate. Get assistance with relocating and supporting them during the installation process.

4) Apply Caulk

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Caulk the internal head (the top of the frame), the stops, and the sill with silicone caulk.

5) Place the Window

Place the window in the opening, pressing it firmly against the caulk and resting it against the interior stops. Shims should be used to fasten the window, and they should be placed at the pre-drilled frame screw holes. Drive screws into the holes and through the shims from the inside.

6) Check Window Sashes

Make sure the sashes are appropriately spaced in the frame. If needed, use more shims at the meeting rails (the horizontal frame elements on the sashes that meet when the window is closed) to adjust the frame of the new window. Make sure that the window is plumb (straight up and down), level, and square, and that it works correctly. Shims can be used to make any necessary changes. Cut any shims that are still hanging out once everything is in place. Measure the diagonals of the new window frame, to make sure it’s square.

7) Fill Gaps

Apply window-specific spray foam insulation to the spaces around the window from outside. Don’t go overboard when filling in the blanks. To ensure that your window replacement is airtight and waterproof, cover wider gaps with weather stripping. Insulation should be avoided since it absorbs water.

8) Measure the Height

To size up the sill adapter, measure the height from the bottom of the window to the sill. Then, cut the sill adapter to the proper width using a sharp utility knife.

9) Drill Weep Holes

Weep holes are small holes that allow water to drain. Drill two weep holes on the adapters. Protect the sill adapter with scrap wood while tapping it in place with a hammer.

10) Install the Trim

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Use finish nails to install outside trim around the window frame.

Finish driving the nails using a nail set to avoid denting the trim. Caulk the interior and seal the trim’s edges with latex caulk, being careful not to cover the weep holes.

Fill up any visible nail holes with wood putty and re-paint the trim if necessary. Finish the installation by caulking the interior trim with latex.

New Construction Installation

After the building wrap is in place, a window is put on a stud wall with sheathing. The nailing fin is then used to secure it, and flashing tape is used to integrate it with the building wrap.

Full Frame Replacement

Remove the current window as well as any wood brick mold or trim. In the opening left by the removal of the original brick mould and window, the new window with nail fin is sealed and affixed to the wall. The tail fin is then covered with outside trim.

Pocket Replacement

The previous double-hung or single-hung window’s sashes are stopped.  Any balances or jamb liners are removed. From the outside, the new window is set against the interior stop.

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Common issues with amateur installations

Professionally installed windows can often go undetected until they are exposed to extreme weather. It’s critical to keep an eye out for problems with our windows before our energy bills begin to rise, compensating for the draft that a poor installation can generate!

While many DIY enthusiasts may desire to tackle this project on their own, even minor deviations might lead to a slew of structural and financial issues down the road. Here are the most typical problems caused by faulty or unprofessional window installation to help you escape disaster.

1) Operation Issues

This problem can go undiscovered for a long time, especially if your windows were placed during one of the colder seasons when you don’t have to open them as much. However, once the summer heat arrives, you could be surprised. Your windows may lose their ability to open and close smoothly. Worse, they may become completely stuck! This indicates that the window’s mechanical components have been damaged. Rusted hinges, poor window installation, and chipped frames are all symptoms of problems that hinder your windows from properly opening and closing.

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2) Fog

While little condensation on your windows is natural, when your windows appear moist without rain, you should be concerned. When condensation forms on the inside of window glass, it is not deemed appropriate. If this happens, it is most likely due to shoddy window installation and/or structural flaws. If you find significant condensation, contact your installer right away and alert them of the moisture, as well as any other telltale indicators of a bad installation that needs to be corrected.

3) Drafts

A draft coming from the windows (especially more evident in the winter season) is a sure symptom of a problem with the installation. Leaks, on the other hand, are frequently easier to detect. Wet stains on your carpet or mold around the base of your walls are both signs that there is a leak or a draft. You’ll soon feel or smell the water even if you can’t see it.

While temperature changes can cause drafty windows to break and warp at the frame, they can also make your home uncomfortable and cause a significant increase in your heating and cooling costs.

4) Glass Stains

Discoloration of the glass is another indicator of shoddy window installation. This problem can last for a long time and is usually caused by water getting in through the window. It’s possible that a yellowish tinge is present in this scenario. Without a new, properly built window structure, deterioration and stains will be very obvious to see but impossible to remove.

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5) Gaps

A gap between the frame and the sill is an obvious indicator of poor window installation. This indicates that when your new windows were installed, the technician did not properly measure the materials. While gaps aren’t always evident, they’re easy to detect.

 Is your home a little warmer than usual? Are you seeing an increase in your energy bills? These are common indications that your window has a gap.

Unfortunately, gaps not only allow air to pass through but also allow water to enter, causing damage to the walls surrounding your window. If mold begins to grow in your home, it will swiftly remove the paint and cause damage to the wallpaper.

6) Uneven Windows

Windows that shift and move with time are a common concern in older homes. Your window should be exactly aligned within the frame’s construction. While effective sealing necessitates a staff that takes meticulous measurements to ensure a level window installation, a poor sealing job might result in insulation damage to your home. This seemingly insignificant error can leave your home vulnerable to drafts, water damage and increased energy expenditure.

7) Increase In Energy Consumption

This is the one that, out of all the issues on this list, is typically the least obvious until it is too late. Because improperly built windows enable heat to escape from your home, your monthly utility expenses will soar high. Hire a professional crew to conduct the installation with the skill and quality standards that you and your family desire to keep your home as energy efficient as possible.

Benefits of Letting a Professional Install Your Windows

New windows should be installed by an experienced professional who knows how to do the job properly. When properly installed by a professional window installer, you can increase the energy efficiency and safety of your window, and improve the value of the house.

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Following are some benefits of window installation by a professional: 

1) Save Time

Proper installation depends on correct dimensions, just as the efficiency of a window depends on good window mounting. Skilled window installers know how important measuring is for both new window construction installations and window replacements, and they do so efficiently and effectively. A professional will, without a doubt, complete the task considerably faster than you could. They have all of the necessary tools. Their skill allows them to work swiftly while completing a high-quality window installation. In contrast, it could take all day to install one window on your own, or even with the help of a friend.

2) Quality Materials

Since homeowners know very little about installing windows in most cases, they are more likely to opt for a professional window installation service with a window company. One of the most important advantages of hiring a professional window company is that the best materials and products are used for the fittings. There are advantages to installing your own window at home, but hiring a professional window expert will give you more options in customization handling.

3) Experience

Professional window installers have a lot more experience and will be much quicker than the average homeowner who decides to do it themselves. A trained window installer is well versed in the right techniques and is trained and certified by window manufacturers or window companies. Hiring a professional window technician is worthwhile, as you save time and do not have to make extra effort to complete the project.

4) Tools

The majority of homes have a basic toolbox that contains a variety of equipment  but lack the necessary tools for installation or replacement of their window.. If you plan on doing the installation yourself, you’ll need to invest in the necessary tools. This means spending money on tools that you may never use again. 

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5) Warranty

Professional window companies usually provide an installation warranty that guarantees that you are protected if there are problems with your window replacement. If you are hiring a professional window builder, you can also seek their help in choosing and purchasing the right window.

6) No Mess

A skilled installer should clean up after themselves and leave your property in the same condition as they found it. This means they’re expected to clean up after themselves, so you don’t wind up with filth and debris strewn around your house. You might even persuade them to dispose of your old windows for you, as doing so yourself can be difficult.

Windows last a long time

The addition of windows to your home is both thrilling and important. The quality of your windows has a significant impact on your day-to-day living, and they also provide weather protection.

Windows that aren’t properly installed will function poorly and probably get worse as years go by. You could install a window on your own and make it look nice; however, it will do you no good if it is not installed properly. Windows are much more important than just for air escape. If you end up installing the windows by hand, you may wreck the process as you do not have access to the required equipment.

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Cracked joints, exposure to the outdoors, and a pest infestation can all result from a poorly built window. Water can do significant damage to a home and attract wood-eating pests, exposing your window for further damage that can greatly affect its service life. Homeowners should rely on a skilled team of fitment specialists with our assistance. US Window & Door will not only come to your home and provide you with a free quote*, but we will also be pleased to provide professional window installation at a fair price. We know how to install, seal, and improve your installation since we have decades of combined experience. For every client, we believe in high-quality workmanship, excellent customer service, and long-lasting installations. We’re here to help if you’ve had a bad experience with a previous window installation company. If you are ready to get started right away, we are only a phone call away.