How to Hire a Door Contractor for Your Project

How to Hire a Door Contractor for Your Project

July 26, 2019
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door

Home remodeling is a $450 billion dollar market and is growing. Between 2016 and 2017 it jumped by 6.5%.

While you may not want to do a whole house remodel, even small improvements can increase your homes overall ROI (return on investment). One such small improvement that can easily improve your home’s curb appeal is adding a new front door.

Switching out your old door for a front entry door can not only reduce energy loss in your home, but you can also recoup up to 75% of the cost at resale. But first, you need to find a reliable door contractor.

If you’re wondering how to find a door installation contractor, keep reading. We’re sharing with you our ultimate guide on how to hire a door replacement contractor.

Why You Need a Professional Door Contractor

While replacing your old door with a new one may seem like a fairly easy DIY project, hiring a professional will increase the likelihood that your door will last longer.

Professionals are less likely to damage the new door during installation. Contractors also know how to install a door so that it prevents future warping, scratching, and denting. Your door will also most likely function more efficiently.

Energy and Time Efficient

Door contractors also know how to properly seal a door. That leads to fewer leaks that can raise your energy bills. They know how to install a door to ensure maximum insulation.

Door contractors also save you the time and trouble it takes to learn how to install a door properly yourself.

Qualities to Look for in a Door Installation Contractor

No matter which door replacement company you choose, always make sure they have the following qualities:


Ask to see their business license. This will prove they have met the requirements to operate their business.

They will also know and understand your local building codes and regulations. They’ll also understand how to handle modifications according to your home’s ingress and egress while complying with safety standards.

Well Established

Always check to make sure the door installation has a physical business address and an updated website. You should also make sure their phone number and email address are easy to find.

If you have problems with your door, you want to make sure you can reach them immediately. Check out their online ratings and scores on sites like the Better Business Bureau and Google.


Hire one who has been in the business for at least three to five years. The more time on the job, the more experience they have.

More experience should mean a job done right the first time, on schedule and on budget. They’ll also be more willing to answer questions and offer solutions.


Look for a door company that carries certifications from top manufacturers. This will allow you to safely invest in high-quality door products, including storm doors.

And you’ll have access to the warranties these products come with. This will provide you with an additional layer of protection with your investment.


Even the most seasoned professionals can make a mistake or have an unexpected accident. Protect yourself and your investment by making sure your door installation contractor is insured.

You’ll also be protected against any liabilities or damages to your property during the replacement job.

Provide Estimates Written Contracts

Get an estimate before you start working with a contractor. You want to know ahead of time what the project entails, who exactly will be performing the work, how long it will take, and what it’s expected to cost.

Always work with contractors who provide you with a written contract from the beginning. That way you’ll know all of your expectations will be met.

Check References

Get estimates from at least three contractors before you make your decision. Ask them to provide you with references and follow up.

Ask the customer they referred you to exactly what they liked most about working with the contractor and what they liked least about the experience.

What to Avoid

Never do business with a door company who has salespeople going from door to door. They are often not legitimate or established.

If they refuse to provide you with a written contract or can’t provide you with references, it’s a sign you need to find a new company to work with.

Never pay a company in full until the job is completely finished. While it’s customary to pay a portion of the job up front, stay away from any installer who demands payment in full before the job is complete.

How to Find a Door Replacement Expert

You have several options on how to find a door replacement company to handle the job for you.

Referral from Friends and Relatives

Fun fact: in Ireland, front doors are usually found in a variety of colors. That’s because when Queen Victoria died, they were instructed to paint their front doors black as a sign of mourning. They didn’t obey that order.

If you have a friend or relative who has a great looking door that’s been recently installed, go ahead and ask them which company did the installation. A direct referral is always a great way to find a reliable installer.

Online Reviews

If you don’t know anyone, just head online. There are sites such as Angie’s List or even Google where other people have left ratings.

Don’t let one or two bad ratings scare you, especially if there are tons of positive reviews. Not everyone is a perfect customer. Also, it’s a good sign if the company responded to a negative review and addressed their concerns.

Signs You Need a New Door

Not sure if you need a new door? Here are five ways to tell it’s time to find a door installation contractor

1. You notice drafts around the door.

2. The hinges are squeaky.

3. There are visible cracks in the door.

4. Your door scrapes along the floor due to sagging or warping.

5. You notice an infestation of unwanted insects infiltrating your home.

Get a Free Estimate

A good door contractor will often provide you with a free estimate. We certainly do. Click here to contact us for questions, to hire us, or to get a free estimate.