Door Replacement Ideas to Get the Most ROI from Your Home

Door Replacement Ideas to Get the Most ROI from Your Home

August 15, 2022
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
door replacement for High ROI

Curb appeal is essential to making your home more attractive to buyers. No matter how much more time we spend inside our homes, we know the exterior matters just as much, especially if your home is on the market.

There is no better way to instantaneously improve curb appeal than by adding a stately entryway or picturesque window. While exterior doors have an undeniable aesthetic value, entry door replacements are a home project that also consistently delivers a high return on your investment. The total ROI is much more than the numbers the market may dictate because, in addition to just plain looking good, these projects also offer improvements in functionality, energy efficiency, and security. If you're interested in replacing your doors in San Diego, we'll tell you the best door replacement ideas to consider. 

Steel Doors

Making a replacement with a steel door will typically give you the best value for your money, and many homeowners say that they experience huge returns on average. Installing a steel door for your front entry can be cost-effective as it experiences the most traffic than any other door in your abode. Manufacturers usually use three primary materials when making front doors and other exterior doors, namely, wood, steel, and fiberglass.

Steel doors give better security.

Steel doors are usually used between interior and exterior spaces. They are durable and resilient, which makes them a good pick for houses that need greater security. But essentially, a steel door is perfect for anyone who wants a long-lasting and well-made door for their home. 

Steel doors are aesthetically pleasing.

steel door

Another thing that sets steel doors apart is the elegance they provide to homes. Furthermore, the embossed texture that steel doors have offers artistic character and rich contouring. If you are the type that loves door details, then you'll enjoy our steel doors.

Steel doors offer quality protection.

The steel doors we install have composite tops and bottom end caps that enhance rigidity. Even the edges and face skins of our doors are one continuous piece of steel for strength and durability. Another protective feature of our steel doors is their special adhesive or thermal barrier. This adhesive reduces heat and cold transfer, while our unique mechanical interlocks provide remarkable structural strength.

Steel doors increase your home's energy efficiency.

Many steel doors offer foam filling for maximum energy efficiency. There is a computer-driven process that we use to ensure optimal foam fill for greater strength. Imagine having doors that help you save on your energy consumption. In the long run, you'll notice how our energy-efficient steel doors provide significant savings.

Fiberglass Doors

These have an average return that's lower than steel doors but are still impressive. While they look great, they will usually cost more compared to steel doors. Fiberglass exterior doors are made from a core of rigid insulation, clad with a fiber-reinforced polymer, and covered with an artificial grain to make them look like wood. Manufacturers have gotten so good at mimicking the look and feel of wood that you'd be mistaken for thinking you were handling a solid oak, pine, or mahogany door, every time you reach for the handle.


The polyurethane core in fiberglass makes it more resistant to damage than traditional wooden doors. This means increased safety and peace of mind. Fiberglass doors withstand the elements without cracking or bowing. They won't rust, rot, or warp and aren't susceptible to insect infestation or corrosion. Fiberglass doesn't shrink or swell like wood, meaning your door won't get jammed in the summer or let in the drafts come winter.

Lighter than steel, Fiberglass' light weight reduces tensile stress on door hinges, giving you a door that will continue to open and close without sticking or binding.

Low Maintenance

Fiberglass doors look clean and new for longer and require little to no upkeep. Regular cleaning with a damp cloth should be sufficient.

If your door faces the beating sun or has a dark finish, a restorative coat of clear marine varnish can protect it and keep it looking fresh.

Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass doors offer up to four times the R-Value (professional insulation rating system) than wooden doors.

fiberglass door milgard ultra series

They feature fully insulated cores designed to reduce thermal transfer between outdoors and inside, giving you better protection against cold and heat.

With a Fiberglass door, you'll be able to use less energy to keep your home at a comfortable temperature and can help save money on your bills.


The solid construction and quality hardware of a Fiberglass door make it more secure than a wooden one. Reinforced steel plates reduce the possibility of forced entry when the door is locked or closed, and other added safety features such as an extra deadbolt make it one of the safest options out there for you and your family.

Quality Designs

Your front door speaks volumes about your style and personality. Fiberglass doors come in a wide range of design options to suit every taste and budget.

Choose an authentic woodgrain texture or a multi-coat factory prefinishing option for a smoother and sleeker look. Incorporate windows with glass options ranging from clear to highly ornate. Add the perfect finishing touches like a wrought-iron grille or knocker to create the door you've always wanted.

Aluminum Doors

Dealers will usually sell custom-built aluminum doors, which are low maintenance and can have warranties of up to 20 years. Today, aluminum doors are very much in trend, which is also considered to be a smart and long-term investment. They are a great choice for contemporary homes because of their better insulation, security, and aesthetics. Aluminum is no longer a boring metal with only one color and use; today, they are available in a variety of colors and styles.

Slim Frames, More Glass

Aluminum in itself is a very strong material—this means that, unlike uPVC and timber, a bulky frame is not required to make the structure of the window stronger. The doors or windows can also be made bigger, making more room for glass windows. This means more light can enter your room and a larger view of the outdoors.

Durable and Safe

secure front door installation

The robust properties of aluminum keep it from rotting, rusting, or bending. The low-density metal stands strong and sturdy against UV rays and all weather conditions with no problem of expansion or contraction. With its superior strength and sturdiness, aluminum windows also offer greater levels of security against any external break-ins.

Wide Range of Choice

Color and style often become major factors when we're decorating our house. However, the limited choice is not a reason for concern with aluminum. There are hundreds of colors and finishes for aluminum available on the market. And if you want to play around with the design a bit, you could even choose to get different colors on the inside and outside!

High-End Finish and Maintenance Ease

We've already established that weather is not going to harm your aluminum windows and doors, but what about time? Do you think time will affect them? Here's another good news for you, the answer is no! Even time can't do anything to aluminum, which makes them virtually free of maintenance. All you may need to do is clean them every now and then. 

Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient

There is increasing emphasis being placed on using environmentally friendly products. The UN is one of the most prominent advocates of conserving the environment and continues to address these issues at regional and global levels.

With aluminum, you don't just protect your house from the danger of theft and burglary, but you also protect the environment from the dangers of non-biodegradable products since aluminum is a 100% recyclable material that can be reused over and over again. In addition, its lightweight and malleable properties can offer high levels of wind and air tightness in your house that would help keep it well insulated.

Glass Doors

If you have an entryway full of beautiful plants, a full-panel glass door will be able to show it in its full glory. When it comes to choosing a glass door, the biggest concern of homeowners is security. Since burglars almost always try to enter the house through the front door, the strength of the glass is vital to protect your home. But it's not just break-ins that make people think twice about glass doors; the last thing you want is for the glass to shatter or crack when the door is slammed shut by accident.

The good news is that there are many different types of safety, tempered or reinforced glass, that are almost impossible to break. In fact, a high-quality double-glazed door will increase your home's energy efficiency as well as protect your home from burglars.

From transparent glass that allows maximum light to enter your hallway to frosted glass that promises utmost privacy for your family. A solid glass front door that's sealed tightly will be good for both your home security as well as your energy bill, so it makes sense to opt for such doors.

Here's why full-paneled glass doors are a great choice:

Enjoy Uninterrupted Views

Most home buyers are willing to pay a premium for a home with views. A traditional wooden or metal door can block the view of the mountains, the beach, or even a lake, whereas a large glass entry door can help bring the outside into your home. 

Maximize Natural Light

Glass doors allow plenty of natural light to enter the home. This helps you reduce your energy bill as you'll require less artificial light during the day. 

Increase Your Home's Aesthetic Appeal 

Another major benefit of a glass front door is its aesthetic appeal. A simple wooden or metal door doesn't provide quite the same visual interest as a multi-paned glass door, don't you agree? Glass exterior doors can have special designs or patterns that further add to their appeal. What's more, you can customize your glass front door to match it with your home's exteriors.  

Bi-Fold Glass Door

Glass is Easy to Maintain  

There is no denying the fact that glass is low maintenance and easy to clean. With a simple wipe down using clean water and glass cleaner, your front door will look gleaming. When compared to metal, which can rust, or wood, which is susceptible to rot, glass is incredibly strong and won't deteriorate over time. Opting for a glass front door will, therefore, cut down your long-term maintenance costs. 

Wrought Iron Doors

Custom iron doors are becoming more popular as front entryways to homes. They offer all manner of practical, aesthetic, and economic benefits that homeowners all over the world appreciate. Not only are they beautiful, but they provide high protection, last a long time, and increase overall home value. This can provide a sturdy and secure choice while also providing customization options. While they may be expensive at first, they can quickly return the money you spent. 

Here's why you choose wrought iron doors to improve your home value: 

Practicality and decoration

Wrought iron door security door displays the opportunity of charm from people's pursuit of environmental beauty; with a new building, new family, new decoration, new shop surface birth, a wrought iron door application opportunity will come.

Safety and transparency

The rhythm of modern urban life is fast, the sense of security is more and more important to people, and the wrought iron door security door brings a sense of security.

Reflect private trait

Wrought iron door security door can respect individual privacy and protect private property.

Highlight show trait

Wrought iron door security door itself means to have the lasting appeal that cannot say, have wrought iron door security door, it is not only the publicity of a certain complex of individuals but also the memory of history, the advocating of exotic emotional appeal.

Environmental protection

These doors offer excellent protection against natural elements since it has great strength, wind resistance, aging resistance, and insect resistance, which is incomparable to other materials.

Choose US Window and Door for Door Replacement 

One of the fastest and cheapest ways to transform the exterior of your home is with a new front door. Sometimes, just a coat of paint will do the trick. When you're considering replacing the front door, you will have several options. Some of the options will be rather inexpensive, while others fall into the luxury door category.

increasing home value with sliding glass door replacement

Along with adding value by upgrading the door, you can also add curb appeal. Replacing the front door can help transform the way your home's exterior looks. It can also lead to an entire transformation of the entryway, adding even more curb appeal.

Now that you know the best door materials and options that will improve your home value, it's time to find a professional door installing company that can get the job done. We offer a wide selection of door types such as sliding glass doors, french doors, bi-fold doors, custom doors, and more. We install Milgard replacement doors in San Diego, which gives you the best products for the lifetime of their homes.