Creative Ways To Decorate Your Bay Windows

Creative Ways To Decorate Your Bay Windows

March 6, 2023
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door

Adding bay windows in San Diego to a room adds a sense of grandeur. Across the globe, bay windows have become a staple of property design and are highly sought after. Whether in a bathroom, a front room, or an office, San Diego bay windows not only let in natural light and add value to your home, but they can also serve as an extension of your home. 

You know how much a bay window can enhance your home if you have one. Bay windows provide views of the outdoors and a cross-breeze when they're open, and they may even help you save on your energy bills.

Whether you add a cozy sitting area around them or use the space for decor and storage, they create the ideal backdrop for creative design. Maximizing the space in your bay window with a bit of strategy is possible.

Ultimately, the size and location of a bay window determine how you decorate it. Bay windows can be decorated not only for aesthetic reasons but also for functionality. Here are some ideas for decorating a bay window

Create a Cozy Workspace

No dedicated office at home? It is recommended that you place your desk and chair inside a bay window. As you work, face the inside of the room. Seeing who is approaching you creates a sense of security. To block harsh sun rays, add a window treatment.

Set up a Reading Nook

You can create a cozy space with San Diego home windows with a little work. We suggest adding a custom built-in bench with storage, then decorating and adding cushions. 

Create a Haven for Houseplants

If you're a plant person, use your bay window to create a haven for your houseplants. Add a console table in front of the window for smaller plants, or surround the window with large pots. In either case, your plant babies will appreciate the extra light.


Create a Conversation Area

An upholstered chair and side table creates an instant conversation area (or a relaxing reading nook). For ambient lighting, add overhead lighting or plug in a floor lamp on one side.

This is another way to decorate this area of your home. Although it might cost more, there are always other ways to save money on home renovations. Adding string lights to a bay window is one of the easiest ways to light it. Mounting options include stems and recesses. 

Power cords may need to be extended if there isn't an electrical outlet nearby. Make sure you consider how much light you need before using string lights. Also, you'll need to decide if you want a single spotlight or a cluster.

Additional lighting can be beneficial for bay windows. Your mood and productivity can be enhanced by natural light. Additionally, it regulates your circadian rhythm. Bay windows can be made more welcoming by adding lighting. 

A good lighting setup will enhance an attractive window. After you've added the lights, you can hang them on the adjacent walls.

Hang a Hammock

Are you looking for a more whimsical way to relax? Install a hammock in your bay window for a stunning view of the outdoors if you're up for a DIY project. 

You'll need a stud finder, drill, and hardware to mount hooks on the walls. You can also hang a fabric swing from the ceiling in a bay window nook.

Set Up a Window-Facing Sitting Area

chair facing the bay window

Consider creating a sitting area that faces outside your bay window if you would rather enjoy the view than face your living room. Adding a side table or a small coffee table in front of two 

upholstered or cushioned chairs should suffice.

Build a Shelf

You have options if your bay window doesn't have a built-in sill for storage and decor. Create space for plants, flowers, or other decor by installing a basic, floating shelf like this one at the window-sill level. Consider adding a narrow console table instead of something permanent.

Create a Breakfast Nook 

Do you have a bay window in your kitchen? Whether you install a bench or place a dining table and chairs near a bay window, a breakfast nook is a perfect breakfast place. You can use your formal dining room as a casual space to sip coffee if you already have one. Don't block the beauty of the window with too much furniture when selecting furniture. 

Hang Sheet Curtains 

Add a layer of sheer curtains behind your heavier curtains instead of blinds if direct light is too much for your space. You can keep just the main curtains open when it's exceptionally sunny; if you want even more light, you can always open the sheer curtains as well.

bay window with white curtains

Add Window Boxes

Flowers don't just belong on the outside of a window. Put a few window boxes with fresh or faux flowers on your window sills. Alternatively, you can buy some soil and plant your favorite plants in boxes (they'll love the extra light). Are you not a fan of foliage? Long, narrow decorative storage boxes or baskets look great on bay window sills.

Set a Storage Bench in Front of Your Bay Windows 

We know how much a functional piece, like a storage bench, can enhance a space when we are short on both storage and seating. Use your bay window to its full potential by adding a cushioned bench with built-in storage or baskets beneath it. Add a blanket, throw pillows, and a side table for drinks or decor to add an extra dose of coziness.

A bay window can create additional storage space or a seating area. This project can declutter your home and create more storage space. You can maximize storage space by adding open shelves, drawers under the seats, or cabinets. Upholsterers can make Ottoman-style storage covers if you don't want to take up valuable floor space. You can still enjoy a view of the outdoors while hiding the wireless router or heating radiator behind it. You can even use a bay window as a home office! A small, private workspace can be built upstairs.

Add Cushions or a Pouf

Put a couple of floor cushions or a fabric pouf in front of your window for a more casual seating area. If storage is more important to you, you can use a cozy ottoman to store blankets (or any other clutter you don't want on full display).

Install Wood Blinds 

Whether you want to block out light in front of your bay window workspace or reading nook or add a bit of extra interest to your window space, try out wood blinds for a high-end look. Slat sizes of 1", 2", and 2 1/2" are available in wood blinds and customized heights and widths. Choose from an array of beautiful stain finishes and paint colors to complement any decor.

Buy a Setee and Add a Loveseat

We suggest adding a settee instead of a custom built-in window seat if you can't or don't want to invest in one. Consider a curved bench settee to fit the contours of your bay windows perfectly.


A bay window can also be used as a sitting area. In front of it, you might want to add a large, upholstered chair, a short sofa, or a loveseat. Try placing a console behind the loveseat if your bay window doesn't have a sill. Add a side table or two nearby, so people have somewhere to put their drinks.

Install Roman Shades 

Do you want to make the most of your bay window? For each window, we recommend roman shades and fabric window coverings that stack when raised. This draws the eye into the bay window, accentuating it. Also, roman shades will make the room appear taller and deeper.

Add Curtains 

Bay windows are like the eyes of a room. You should dress them up with beautiful curtains or window treatments. 

For a touch of drama, choose patterned or textured curtains in a color that accentuates your color scheme. While bay windows can be dressed up with curtains, adding them to a sitting area creates extra coziness.

Roll in a Bar Cart 

For extra storage, place a bar cart in front of your bay window in your kitchen, dining room, or living room. As a hidden storage solution, you could use the cart to store drinks and stemware in a common area, or you could add a few bins or baskets that match the rest of your design scheme.

The addition of a bar cart to your bay window is an excellent way to bring your living space together. You can add anything from a photo to a potted plant to a bar stocked with drinks. Adding some knick-knacks and plants to the bar cart will add a bit of boho charm. You can add color and texture to your bar cart with a potted succulent.

Decorate your bar cart with colorful wine bottles and liqueurs. Additionally, you can display wine glasses on under-shelf holders or showcase art on a bar cart. You can display artwork or a collection of your favorite bottles on it. In addition to being a great addition to your decor, a bar cart can also function as a side table for a small room.

Paint an Accent Wall 

Why not paint the area around your bay window to add some excitement to your space? Feature walls are a simple and effective way to add some excitement to any space. Choose a color that complements the rest of the room's color scheme if your other walls are neutral. You could also add a fun patterned wallpaper to your bay window!

Choose the Right Color Palette for Your Bay Windows 

It's important to choose a paint color for your bay window that complements your home's overall color scheme. Your bay window can be painted in a variety of colors. 

Their main difference is the type of wood they use. Consider a lighter shade if the wood is stained or painted. The window will not blend into the room's decor if this is done. Darker shades are best if the wood is unstained. 

bay window in a living room with chairs and tables

You can create a cozy living space by decorating (or simply repainting) your home. Decorating a bay window in your new home is a good way to personalize it if you are moving. The best part of moving into a new home will be decorating it!

Consider adding a storage bench to a bay window if you choose a darker shade. Often, storage benches come with baskets and built-in storage. 

They can be used as a cozy seating area or as a side table. You can also use a fabric pouf as additional seating, which can also be used as a storage ottoman. These chairs look great in the space, which is the best part about them. Imagination, a few simple ideas, and some free time are all you need for this process.

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