Best Wood Material for Wood Windows

Best Wood Material for Wood Windows

October 10, 2022
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
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While many people love San Diego vinyl windows, it's easy to overlook or dismiss wood. Wood adds an element of authenticity and luxury that few other materials can. 

If your home currently has wood windows, it may be difficult to choose any other material, especially when you consider their aesthetic appeal. This traditional building material is easy to mill into the complex shape of windows. Wood windows do require more hand craftsmanship than windows made from other materials, but this also makes them easier to customize. 

Wood windows can be painted or stained in light or dark shades. Also, wood windows vary by manufacturer, but you can expect to find Pine, Douglas Fir, Mahogany, Cherry, Cedar, and Oak as a few options. Fortunately, in addition to being a beautiful product, wood windows are also highly energy efficient. Wood windows have no thermal transfer and perform on par with vinyl windows in San Diego

Pine or Redwood

Pine or redwood is a type of tree that you can find in coastal forests. It's most common where there are large quantities, and it has been seen to grow as far south of California. The types of redwood include Sequoia and Sequoiadendron, which are famous for their massiveness.

It is a fine wood for exterior furniture and is suitable for interior applications. 

In addition, it's easy to work with, making it perfect for various projects, from scratch-built art pieces to trimming around the house. Furthermore, it lasts long, even without extensive maintenance. The only drawback it may have is its proneness to denting, so be careful when working with them.

Pine profiles have a minimum weight, making them easy to mount for windows. Not to mention that this wood species is highly breathable, which can help prevent the room from getting stuffy. Solid pine windows can retain the temperature, therefore keeping the cool air from your AC unit within your household. 

Wood, like any natural material, is durable and safe for humans. Thanks to the flexibility of pine wood, it can be used for traditional rectangular frames or any other shapes. Pine windows are the cheapest option compared to the other types of wood, making them a cost-effective option. 


Mahogany wood is a precious and exotic wood with a dark reddish-brown color. With its strong texture and oily finish, mahogany is perfect for exterior windows. Mahogany wood is an excellent choice because it is resistant to bug infestations, and it will block a fair amount of sound, meaning any traffic noise from outside will not come through as much as it would with other types of windows

From its appearance of it, mahogany wood has beautiful, rich, and varied patterns. Mahogany wood windows also look romantic. Not to mention it can come in a variety of different colors to match your home's exterior. At the same time, its different unique character lets the general consumer fondle admiringly. 

Not all wood is free from rotting or water damage. However, mahogany wood is water-resistant. This wood is strong enough to withstand the elements but also has a protective coating on top of it so that the wood doesn't decay. That's why mahogany is a popular choice for homeowners since it can withstand outside conditions without having to be replaced. 


Douglas firwood typically has a pale creamy color which is ideal for staining or painting. If you want to keep it natural, fir wood develops to a light brown or reddish-brown color as it ages.

Firwood is not dense, which makes it easy to cut and easy to work with. Even though Douglas Fir is technically a softwood, it's remarkably tough. This strength makes it particularly resistant to damage and abrasions, which is perfect when it comes to exterior use. Douglas Fir is also water-resistant, which helps protect from harsh weather conditions that prematurely damage and age other varieties of timber.

Firwood provides extremely stable lumber that resists checking or twisting. Even when constantly exposed to heat and moisture, such as in saunas, firwood windows retain their smooth texture and stability.


Cherry Wood is a hardwood known for making durable cabinets and furniture. It gives a great smooth finishing with a light pinkish-brown to reddish-brown appearance; Cherry wood is hard and heavy wood. Due to its durability and resistance to decay, it is suitable for interior applications. It has amazing hardwood properties, Which makes it a demanding wood worldwide. That's why we recommend Cherry wood for windows that do not open, such as picture windows

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Cherry wood is native to North America and is found chiefly in Mid-Atlantic forests. Cherry is best known for its richly textured wood grain and its glowing, deep-red hue. Whether stained or left natural, our cherry louvered windows suit a variety of architectural styles.

You may be surprised about how well cherry wood holds up. Early American furniture was often made of cherry wood because this wood shows excellent density and strength. Because cherry wood is also highly workable, it is an especially suitable material for custom windows, including exterior wooden pieces. Cherry wood is naturally decay-resistant. It's an excellent choice for any window that must endure tough elements.


Cedar is a great material for exterior trim. It has been used in many applications, from cedar shakes to porch posts, siding, trim, and fascia. It is naturally resistant to rot, mold, and mildew while being fairly lightweight. Natural cedar is strong enough to have structural use. Easily installed, it is available in versatile sizes. 

Cedar is an excellent choice for window trim based on durability and dependability alone. However, it is by far the most expensive window trim option on the market today, and it typically isn't offered with a warranty. It may be the perfect option for someone when construction costs don't matter, but for the rest of us, the sticker shock pushes us to other options. 


Oakwood is a kind of hardwood made from an oak tree. It's thought of as one of the most reliable and most durable building materials out on the market now. Oakwood is very easy to clean and maintain. Regular wiping is enough to keep oak hardwood window frames beautifully. A quick sanding, varnishing, and waxing is also enough to smoothen dents and scratches and make it look new again.

This hardwood is also very comfortable and pleasant to walk on. The wood is a natural insulator due to the multitude of minuscule air chambers that hold heat. This is why oak wood is naturally warm and feels good on the feet.

Hardwoods can be used with any décor or design style. Their natural patterns mean that no two wood is the same, which means that each frame piece is unique. Its full array of colors and texture also makes it the perfect material that can be used as an accent or complementary piece.

Why Choose Wood Windows For Your Home 

The mention of wood windows evokes the thought of a two-story house that is decorated with lovely curtains and perhaps a fireplace. True to their reputation, wood windows are widely recognized for their styles and authentic beauty. Even with the variety of window options on the market, wood windows remain a coveted choice for their proven reliability and exquisite appeal. For those of you who are still having second thoughts about wood windows, here are the compelling reasons, and you will understand why wood windows are the perfect window solution for your home.


Wood windows offer great customization flexibility that can satisfy any architectural style. In addition to their diverse color choices, wood windows can be milled into almost any shape, size, and form. You can have round top windows or even specially customized star-shaped windows. The collection of wood windows also covers a wide array of wood species—all of which can be painted or stained in whatever ways you like. Whether your preference is contemporary or antique, investing in wood windows is a way to ensure that you are always in style.


Besides serving as a timeless and attractive material that can fit securely with any glass type, the materials of wood windows are both light and strong. Wood windows have stood the test of time. Homeowners are upgrading to wood windows because they can withstand even the most unforgiving weather conditions. The resilient exterior layer of clad wood windows helps protect against weathering and frequent repair. Moreover, almost all wood windows are installed with full perimeter weather-stripping to seal out unwanted drafts, water, and pests.


As homeowners, we would all prefer to enjoy the aesthetics and functionality of our windows rather than worrying about constant upkeep. While vinyl discolors and requires regular maintenance, wood windows that are coated with the right finish can maintain a pristine look even years after the window installation. Maintaining wood windows is also as easy as maintaining any other home furnishings. Normally, a simple wipe with dish soap and a thorough rinse is sufficient to get the cleaning job done. However, if you accidentally stained your beautiful wood windows, spraying them with your usual wood-friendly cleaner will restore the rich colors of your wood windows in no time.

Energy Efficient 

Want to ensure you can keep your energy bills down even when the temperature climbs in the summer? It's easier than you think. Combined with other strategies to manage your electrical consumption, modern wood windows aid in minimizing the amount of air leakage that occurs around the frame. Old vinyl windows have a reputation for being very drafty and letting too much air escape from the home. In turn, your HVAC system works harder to maintain the same temperature. With solidly-built wood windows, you can trust in a house that has a more secure thermal envelope for the long term.

Noise-Blocking Properties 

For those who live in quiet suburbs or rural areas, noise is not often a factor in choosing window materials. However, living near a busy street means road noise is a constant part of life. Although using wood as your framing material won't completely block sound, it will contribute to dampening exterior noise rather than transmitting it into the interior of the home. When combined with an advanced glass solution designed to minimize exterior noise, you'll find it is effortless to create the perfect cozy atmosphere indoors. Though vinyl also has some noise-blocking properties, it is not as efficient at the job as wood.

Replace Your Windows with US Window & Door

For many homeowners, especially those in older, more traditional homes, installing wood windows when looking to replace and upgrade their home is the obvious choice. Wood is a great all-around choice, especially when it comes to durability, curb appeal, and customization. It's best to work with professionals who can help you decide the best type of wood to choose for your home based on your needs. 

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