Best Windows for Beach Homes

Best Windows for Beach Homes

September 13, 2021
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
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New windows can make a dramatic difference to a coastal home if you want to expand your views and improve its overall appearance. It is necessary to have long-lasting replacement windows and doors that can withstand tough coastal climates as they are frequently exposed to intense heat, high winds, salt corrosion, and moisture-laden air. In this article, we will look at the different types of windows, including the window frame composition, glass type, and general style of windows, to help you choose windows for your coastal home. 

Key Factors to Consider for Waterfront Living

When designing and building a house, there are many considerations to take into account, including the location, style, and orientation of the house, but the choice of windows is one of the most important elements. Before you buy windows for your beach house, pay attention to the specifications offered to you. Homeowners should consider the effects of resistance, strength, energy efficiency, functionality, and attractiveness when replacing windows in waterfront and coastal homes. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy assessment plays a key role in the selection of windows for beachfront homes.

A Low-E coating on your windows will prevent heat from entering the house. Because your home will be exposed to a lot of sunlight, wind, and weather, an energy-saving alternative is even more crucial.

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The energy rating of a window refers to how well it performs. The higher the grade, the higher the insulation and security the windows offer.

Impact Resistance

The ideal window for a beach house is one that protects the coastal property from the elements while preserving the beauty and structural integrity of the beach houses. In coastal applications, where homes have little protection from the sea and strong winds, windstorm certification is required, which can make a huge difference in how the home responds to storms. 


Another significant factor to consider when buying a coastal home is the view from your windows. These are only enhanced by the use of high-quality, high-performing windows such as those from Milgard. They offer premium windows with intrinsic strength that support larger glass panes. In addition, the ultra-slim and slender frames provide stunning, wide-angle views.

Best Window Styles for Beachfront Houses

One of the most important considerations you will have to make when starting a significant renovation or new construction project is the style or kind of windows you want for your home. Windows with clean, continuous lines of sight can help you achieve the desired look. The most common and basic types are:

Picture Windows

Any window with a fixed glass pane within a window frame that does not open or close is referred to as a picture window. When ventilation or egress are not required, picture windows are used to provide wider views or more light.

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Picture windows are typically less expensive than other window types, and because picture windows are permanently sealed, they save energy better than other window types. In addition to its energy and cost-saving benefits, modern home types also benefit from the simple design as they provide expansive views and ample natural light. 


Picture windows can lead to too much energy gain in warm, sunny climates, and because they can't be opened, these windows may provide no means of admitting fresh air.

Single or Double-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows and double-hung windows are the most common windows found in almost every traditional-style coastal homes or modern seaside homes. They are made up of two independent sashes that slide up and down to open and close. A single-hung window can only open from the bottom by sliding up, whereas a double-hung window can open from both the top and bottom. 


These window styles are usually simple to operate. You can lower the top sash of a double-hung window to allow air to flow freely throughout the house. Because tracks are vertical, they also rarely fill up with dirt, making them easier to keep clean. They're especially useful in households with little children since they prevent a child from climbing out the lowest window. You will also have many options for single or double-hung windows as there are many different manufacturers who make them, and given the extensive availability of this window type, prices are often low.


Counterbalance springs and sash cords can wear out or break over time. To keep these windows in good working condition, they must be serviced on a regular basis. The large opening can also make this style of window a break-in hazard for determined burglars.

Casement Windows

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Casement windows offer a more modern look than double-hung windows, and they can be quite effective in capturing and channeling cool breezes into the home when correctly positioned.

The majority of these windows are made up of a single, huge sash that is hinged vertically and opens by swinging out, and it can typically be opened with a lever or other device. Because the window seal is often quite tight, they are regarded to be superior to double-hung windows at keeping out drafts.


When the windows are open, the open space is fairly narrow, making them relatively secure against attackers. They offer great ventilation by allowing cooler outside air into the house.


Cranking mechanisms made of metal are prone to wear with high failure rates and aren't usually considered egress windows. They can also be broken off by severe winds when fully extended.

Awning Windows

These windows are hinged at the top and tilt outward from the bottom to open. When the awning window is open, it resembles an awning. These windows are common in bathrooms and are most popular in coastal areas.


Awning windows are frequently used in basements and other below-grade applications. They're commonly utilized in low-level windows where intruders could be an issue or in rainy climates where you want to be able to open windows when rain is pouring. The windows can be left open during the rain because the glass acts as an awning, preventing water from entering.


Awning windows do not pull in as much fresh air from the outside as casement windows. Mechanical cranks on awning windows, like those on casements, are prone to wear and also have a high failure rate.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are made up of side-by-side windows that slide horizontally along the top and bottom tracks. Both windows glide in certain direction, where one is stationary and the other moves from side to side.


When you need to open and close windows frequently, sliding windows are a wonderful option. Another advantage these windows have is when there isn't enough space outside to swing the window open as they open by simply moving the panes from one side to the other. They are extremely durable since they don’t need any cranks or other mechanics. Because of their simplicity, sliding windows are less expensive compared to other window types. 

milgard style line sliding windows


Dirt and debris can accumulate in the tracks, necessitating periodic cleaning. There are also only a few sizes and shapes available for sliding windows.

After you've decided on a window style for your home, you'll need to decide on the type of material the windows will have for its frame.

Best Window Materials for Seaside Homes

Window frames can be made from a range of different materials, including wood, aluminum, fiberglass, composite, and vinyl. Here's a rundown of some of the most common window materials for your seaside home as well as some crucial factors to consider when deciding which material is right for you.

Aluminum Windows

The harsher coastal weather fronts may eventually cause damage to your home, especially the windows. A weather-resistant, dependable, and sturdy material is required. Your best option is to use aluminum windows. They are durable and waterproof and will not rust, fade, or be readily damaged by rain, wind, or storms. 

When it comes to windows with thin frames and wide glass surfaces, aluminum windows are a popular choice.  Aluminum is a versatile building material that is utilized in a wide range of applications, from housewares to airplanes. It's lightweight. flexible building material that's been fortified with alloys. Large expanses of glass can be held in place by strong and lightweight windows. In homes with a minimalist look, thin window frames are ideal. Aluminum windows have a thin frame that produces clean, clear lines while allowing plenty of natural light into your home.

beach house with aluminum windows


  • Aluminum windows, like vinyl windows, are often less expensive than windows made of fiberglass, wood, or wood-clad. They are more cost-effective and low-maintenance than vinyl versions and are also more durable. 
  • The tensile strength of aluminum is far greater than vinyl or PVC frames and similar in strength to a fiberglass frame.
  • They are also available in a variety of colors and shapes. 


  • The most significant disadvantage of aluminum frame windows is their energy efficiency. Metals have a high thermal conductivity, which allows them to easily conduct heat and enhance the window unit's U-factor. You'll want to choose a different alternative unless you're ready to forego energy efficiency in exchange for a thin frame and large expanses of glass.
  • Extremely poor thermal efficiency
  • Condensation-prone


The common choices for coastal home windows are always between getting practical vinyl or high-end aluminum frames. Because of their low cost, energy efficiency, and durability, vinyl windows are a popular choice among homeowners and builders.


  • Vinyl window frames have excellent insulating qualities comparable to wood. They also provide you with the option of adding extra foam insulation for the prevention of heat loss. Vinyl is a great insulator, and its thermal performance is comparable to that of wood. 
  • These windows are among the most energy-efficient of all window kinds if you want to save money on your energy bills. In the winter, this is fantastic news because your heat will stay in your home and stay out in the summer.
milgard trinsic series vinyl bathroom windows
  • PVC or vinyl windows are affordable and generally half the price of comparable wooden frame versions. They are a cost-effective way to improve the look of your home.
  • They don't need to be painted, stained, or refinished, making them easier to maintain.
  • Vinyl windows are also an excellent alternative for louder areas when noise reduction is required. The frames are extremely sturdy and impact-resistant.


  • The window's hue must remain consistent. You can't paint or stain them with a different hue.
  • If not placed properly, there is a risk of warping over time.
  • Because the material expands and contracts in response to temperature changes, it may not be the best choice in climates with large temperature swings.

Wood Windows

Wood replacement windows are a timeless option and can give your home a more opulent atmosphere and improve its curb appeal. It's crucial to consider the wood's quality and whether or not it's been treated to prevent moisture damage, and mold and mildew stains. Painting or staining your wooden window frames will help keep them dry and insect-free.


  • Wooden windows offer your room a more natural appearance. 
  • They offer more design options than other window kinds. Wood frames can be stained to complement your home's decor or painted to add a splash of color to your room.
  • They are well-insulated and aid in the year-round maintenance of a comfortable indoor temperature.
  • They are extremely energy-efficient. Wood windows do not conduct heat and function as well as or better than vinyl windows.


  • Although wood is suitable for standard windows, it is not as strong or impact-resistant as fiberglass windows. 
  • They require more hand workmanship than other types of windows, but this also makes them more customizable.
  • If you already have wood windows in your home, it may be tough to switch to another material, especially when considering their visual appeal.
  • They are a large investment and require a lot of upkeep.
  • They are subject to decay and warping, yet well-kept wood windows can last for decades.


Fiberglass windows are a high-end product with numerous advantages. Fiberglass is a common building material that is utilized in a variety of applications, including residential dwellings, heavy commercial applications, and the construction of boats and automobiles. This is a material that has proven to deliver years of reliable service.

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Fiberglass replacement windows are an excellent all-around option for individuals who want to strike a balance between aesthetics, quality, durability, and energy efficiency. In addition, fiberglass replacement windows are less prone than other composite windows to be damaged during installation. The mechanical assembly of fiberglass windows ensures quality, consistency, and dependability. Because the weather might have an impact on the condition of your windows over time, you should choose a material that is appropriate for your environment.


  • Fiberglass is a great choice in coastal areas where hurricanes and high winds are more likely. It is a suitable choice for hot areas since it can withstand the heat and resists distortion induced by the sun's rays over time. Dark hues, in particular, absorb heat, causing materials to degrade and become more prone to water or air intrusion. 
  • Fiberglass is an environmentally beneficial building material that is created from a natural resource and built to last, in addition to being energy-efficient.
  • They require less maintenance than their wooden counterparts while maintaining the same high-quality appearance. 
  • They are designed to withstand intense heat and cold.
  •  They are among the toughest and most lasting windows available, and they also let in more light.


  • Fiberglass is a relatively more expensive material. 
  • There are only a few predetermined colors; you'll almost certainly have to repaint them following installation.

Storm Windows

If you own a house on the coast, installing storm windows in your beach house is a necessity. Storm windows not only protect your home from hurricanes, but they are also suitable for life on the beach. They are also called impact windows and are designed to withstand incredible pressure and fast winds. Impact-resistant windows and doors are designed to protect your home from harsh elements. They protect your home from corrosive coastal weather and have hidden structural reinforcements. They are usually built with impact-resistant glass, which is laminated to withstand higher impacts than glass in standard windows. How well impact-resistant windows maintain their integrity depends on whether or not the intermediate layer of broken glass remains intact. Laminated glass has become standard in most windows, not only to protect homes from hurricanes but also to increase the safety and soundproofing of laminated glass. 

A Home with a View

Landscape views are central to many coastal homes, so the choice of windows has to do with the spectacular views they offer, including the level of security and storm protection they represent. People buy seaside houses for the scenic views, and it would be a waste not to make the best out of it. It's critical to choose the right window size and location and ensure you get to see the enormous ocean from every part of the house!

coastal view from beach home with new windows

To protect your home, high-quality windows should be installed by professional window installers. So, if you reside on the coast and are interested in renovating your property, there's no need to stress over which windows and doors are best for your coastal home when you choose US Window & Door for your home improvement project. Your home deserves high-quality windows, and you deserve the advantages of efficiency, maintenance, and clarity that come with them. Advance planning can help you select windows that will transform your home, save energy and provide years of operation. Find out how to obtain the whole beach home experience by consulting the experts at US Window & Door.