Are Milgard Windows Good Quality?

Are Milgard Windows Good Quality?

February 13, 2023
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
StyleLine Milgard Windows San Diego

Milgard windows are known for its high-quality products. Their windows have been the subject of numerous studies, and the results have always been impressive. Milgard windows San Diego are made from durable materials that last a long time.

Milgard stands out from other window and door suppliers because it manufactures all of its products in-house. In addition to manufacturing the frames, they also make the insulated glass components, whether they are made of aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass. And their glass is even-tempered.

The majority of window suppliers do not sell their own products but rather market products manufactured by another company. Milgard controls the entire manufacturing process of its windows and patio doors. It allows them to enforce specific quality standards on their products beyond what many other suppliers can.

In order to compete with other products on the market, the company's history speaks to its experience and development.

We'll cover the quality of Milgard windows and discuss the various design options available. The frames of Milgard windows are made from vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum. In addition, several window opening styles are available, but not all series come with all opening styles. 

Milgard's Top Materials

Milgard offers vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass windows. The following is a brief overview of each Milgard window material:

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is a plastic material constructed from PCV, but Milgard customizes the product's formula to deliver specific characteristics to their product. When vinyl is used for window frames, it offers several advantages.

By using vinyl, you can create a durable, corrosion-resistant, and energy-efficient window frame. Over time, these window frames will require very little ongoing maintenance, which will lower their maintenance costs.

Vinyl is an excellent choice for window frames because of its weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability. Your home's heating and cooling costs will be reduced by the energy efficiency of the material.

The most common color of vinyl window frames is white and other neutral colors. A variety of colors can be produced with Milgard's vinyl composition.

Milgard has also developed a new vinyl coating technology to protect the window frames from UV radiation, which fades most vinyl products in direct sunlight. With this technology, the vinyl is protected, keeping the window frames looking as good as new for many years to come.

The vinyl used for window frames is formulated to provide structural strength, provide superior heat resistance, and maximize insulation properties.

A vinyl window is durable and can withstand moisture, making it a great option for bathrooms. Additionally, their insulating properties offer energy efficiency throughout the year. In addition to being low maintenance, UV resistant, and more affordable than other types of windows, Milgard vinyl windows are the company's best sellers. 

Aluminum Windows

Builders and architects alike have long preferred aluminum windows. Milgard aluminum windows are sturdy yet lightweight and can be tailored to fit any location within a home. Low-maintenance and noncorrosive, this material works well in noncorrosive regions. Milgard aluminum windows are lightweight, strong, rust-resistant, and durable. Aluminum is an ideal material for window frames due to its characteristics. By anodizing aluminum, colors can be added that are long-lasting and fade-resistant.

good quality milgard aluminum windows

Aluminum window frames are traditionally weak at the corners where the sides meet. The corners of Milgard's aluminum frames are mechanically connected and sealed to prevent this from happening.

A common problem with wood window frames is that they sag or warp over time. A thermal break separates the inner part of Milgard's Thermally Improved Aluminum frame from the outer part of the frame in regions with cold winters.

A polyurethane channel acts as a thermal break between the two. This reduces heat transfer between the inside and outside of your home, keeping it warmer in winter and cooler in summer. As a result of these advancements in aluminum window frames' insulating ability, your home will be able to save money on heating and cooling.


A fiberglass window can resist swelling, rotting, and warping. Milgard offers fiberglass windows for homes of all styles and climates. A versatile material, fiberglass can be imbued with a variety of qualities depending on the processing it undergoes. A protrusion process is used by Milgard to produce fiberglass, which imparts tensile and torsion strength.

Fiberglass is durable, so it can hold large pieces of glass. It is very low maintenance and can be manufactured to look like natural wood. The fiberglass window frames do not need to be painted, but the surface can be painted if you wish.

Fiberglass is chemically resistant, and it doesn't rot or corrode. Window frames made from this material are highly durable and keep their good looks for many years to come.

In order to match the fiberglass window frames perfectly with your home, the frames come in a variety of colors with different interior and exterior colors.

Milgard's Various Design Styles

Milgard offers a variety of opening styles for its window frames, making it easy for you to find the one that best suits your home's design and look.

You can choose from the following window-opening styles.

  • Single-hung windows: Single-hung windows open and close by moving their bottom sashes up and down.
  • Double-hung windows: A double-hung window can be opened or closed by moving both the upper and lower sashes.
  • Horizontal slider windows: You can choose whether you want the window frame to extend from the left or right and slides horizontally to open and close.
  • Double horizontal sliding windows: A central fixed window is accompanied by smaller sliding windows on each side. By sliding the two windows on edge towards the principal panel, you can open the left, right, or both simultaneously.
  • Casement windows: Similar to a door, casement windows swing open on one side. Left or right opening frames are available.
  • Awning windows: The top of these windows hinges, and the bottom swings out for opening and closing.
  • Picture windows: There are many shapes and sizes available in these non-opening windows.
  • Radius windows: An arch-styled window can be a picture window or an opening window and comes in a variety of sizes.
  • Bay and bow window styles: A bay window is composed of three or more windows of different sizes arranged in a curved pattern. The bow window also forms an angle, but it is constructed from four or more identically sized windows. Picture windows or operating windows can be used.

Milgard Window Product Lines

Many of the company's product lines offer beautiful windows that attract customers. The following is a brief overview of each product line.

Tuscany Series

Milgard's Tuscany series is its best-in-class vinyl window. A Tuscany window offers a premium, elegant style that performs well year after year. Tuscany windows feature a wider, extruded frame that resembles a traditional wooden window, even though they are made of vinyl. A special coating prevents fading on the exterior frame of this window style, which comes in nine long-lasting colors. All Tuscany windows come with a full lifetime warranty that covers defects and replacements, as well as glass breakage coverage. One of two Milgard window lines with the exclusive SmartTouch lock feature, which makes locking windows easy for homeowners.

Milgard Ultra Series Casement Windows

Trinsic Series

A Trinsic vinyl window offers a wide perspective in a sleek frame, so nothing will block the outside view. Added security is provided by the SmartTouch lock feature in this Milgard window line. Trinsic windows are backed by a lifetime warranty, and glass breakage coverage is available as an upgrade. Milgard's vinyl line is new, so it might not be available in all markets yet.

Style Line

With its clean look and affordable price, the Style line of Milgard vinyl windows lives up to its name. Homeowners can choose from seven premium and two standard frame colors to achieve the exterior look they want. You won't have to repaint the vinyl frames in the future because they resist corrosion. A lifetime limited warranty is included with these windows, but a lifetime warranty can be purchased for an additional fee at the time of purchase.

Ultra Series

Ultra windows are made of fiberglass to prevent rot and warping in harsh weather conditions. In coastal areas prone to intense storms and winds, they make a great choice. Four frame colors are available, some of which can be matched with the interior frames for an elegant look inside and out. There is a lifetime limited warranty on the Ultra line.

Thermally-Improved Aluminum

Thermally improved aluminum windows are made of high-quality aluminum. As a result, the window is thin, lightweight, and highly durable. Despite the fact that these windows are strong, they have narrow frames to create a clean look that won't interfere with a homeowner's interior design aesthetic. A lifetime limited warranty is included with this line.

Milgard's Decades of Service

Milgard is one of the largest and most trusted names in home windows and patio doors in the Western US and Canada. In 1958, Milgard was founded as a glass company. However, the owners saw a need in the market, and within a few years, they diversified into aluminum windows. Maurice Milgard and his son, Gary, founded Milgard, an all-American company. In Tacoma, Washington, the company started in a small building.

For as long as the homeowner lives in the home, Milgard offers a lifetime warranty on parts and service. When that owner sells the home within ten years of installing Milgard windows and doors, the warranty can be transferred to the second owner, but it will expire ten years later.

As with all home-building products, homeowners should read the fine print and ask questions to avoid unpleasant surprises if and when service or repair is needed.

Milgard's Energy Efficiency 

Milgard is a partner of the Energy Star program run by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Energy (DOE). The windows meet the program's requirements, making them energy-efficient for specific areas of the country. Also, Milgard's windows meet the Energy Star standards for northern, north-central, south-central, and southern climate zones. 

With Milgard's energy-efficient window add-ons, you can reduce your monthly utility bills over time. The following components are included in Milgard's energy-efficient windows:

  • Dual and Triple glazing: It is possible to increase the energy efficiency of your windows by upgrading them to double-pane or triple-pane. 
  • SunCoat and SunCoatMax Low-E glass coatings: Low-E (or low-emissivity) coatings improve the window's ability to reflect heat. Milgard SunCoat is Low-E2 and SunCoatMAX is Low-E3, which are the highest levels of protection. 
  • 4th Surface coating: Coatings are applied to double-pane windows to give them the protection of triple-pane windows. The TCO (Transparent Conductive Oxide) coating enhances the U-factor of a window, which is a measure of how well a window resists heat transfer. If the window has a low score, it provides excellent insulation.
  • EdgeGardMAX Spacers: A spacer maintains the right amount of insulation between multiple panes of glass. According to Milgard, its patented spacers reduce condensation and heat transfer.
  • Argon and Krypton gas: Additional protection against extreme external temperatures is provided by these gas options. These colorless and odorless gases are added between double- and triple-pane windows to boost energy efficiency. 

Milgard's Prices 

When it comes to buying replacement windows, price is really a deciding factor. You and your family will definitely benefit from Milgard window quality

When you consider Milgard's value and quality, its prices are cost-effective. From the hardware and frames to the insulating glass, they manufacture the components of the windows themselves. The final price is influenced by a few factors. 

The final price depends on the window and door specifications. The cost of making low-glass, transparent screens, finishes, and sound-reduction glass is also high. 

Milgard Awards

Milgard has won numerous awards for its quality craftsmanship in building quality products. Many magazines, associations, and reputable organizations have ranked Milgard as the leader in many specific categories. Here's a quick list of some of their many awards: 

  • Most Used and Most Recognized Window Brand (2019) Builder Magazine
  • Best of Houzz Design - 2015-2022 
  • Best Vinyl Window - Peninsula Publishing 
  • AX550 Moving Glass Walls - 2021 Architectural Record Products of the Year
  • Best Window Brand in the West - 2015 Builder Magazine 
  • Brand Leader in Vinyl Quality- Builder Magazine
  • SmartTouch Handle - IDSA International Design Excellence

US Window and Door is the #1 Milgard Windows Provider

In terms of durability and style, Milgard windows have an excellent reputation in the market. All parts of the manufacturing process of the company's windows are controlled, enabling them to produce a quality product.

energy efficient milgard tuscany windows

There is a wide range of styles and varieties of windows that will fit the style and décor of any home. Innovative and stylish hardware is fitted to the windows for opening, closing, and securing them. Fittings such as these don't detract from the look of the windows or interfere with the view. Among Milgard's quality window products are precision manufacturing, smooth operation, and longevity of the frames.

Now that you know all about Milgard San Diego Windows, you can research and pick out the specific options you'd like to meet your home's needs. If you want more information on these Milgard windows, contact US Window and Door for a free in-home estimate today!