11 Benefits of Installing Sliding Doors

11 Benefits of Installing Sliding Doors

December 19, 2022
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
large double panel sliding glass door

Owning a home can be incredibly stressful, but it can also be really exciting. You have the opportunity to explore a variety of home improvement projects and take steps to make your home more "you." One of the most valuable projects you'll do as a homeowner is installing new windows and new doors.

If you opt for sliding patio doors to replace the standard door you currently have, you'll immediately experience a slew of benefits. Other than the obvious aesthetic appeal, sliding glass doors offer plenty of perks that the team at US Window & Door can help make a reality for you.

Sliding glass patio doors are a beautiful addition to any home, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits for your family. Whether your current patio door is worn and breaking or merely out of style, installing modern sliding glass patio doors will allow you to make the most of your outdoor space as well as your living room. Many reputable brands like Milgard San Diego offer an array of different features, colors, glass types, and hardware to suit your needs. Here are just a few of the benefits of sliding doors

Better Traffic Flow and Use of Space

One of the many sliding door benefits is its better use of space and optimized traffic flow. These larger doors allow for greater traffic flow to and from the house. They are good for get-togethers with family and friends or BBQs in the backyard. 

Some doors may be hard to open, especially if a client is carrying bags or a baby. Fortunately, a slight push is enough to move the sliding doors, which means that clients have better access to your business. The push doesn't require much strength, so even the elderly and physically challenged people can access the premises without difficulties. 

They are easy to operate, durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean. Sometimes you may have large objects that need to be moved into or out of the house, such as couches, beds, toys, tables, or desks. The door's larger size allows for easy navigation and access. They can be twice as wide as regularly sized entry doors.

modern-living-room with sliding glass door

Sliding glass doors can create an optical illusion, much like mirrors, that makes the space seem larger than it really is. In addition, sliding doors actually save space in your home. Because they slide one over the other on a track rather than swinging out when opening like hinged doors, you don't have to make space around the doorway for them to be able to open. 

Maximize Natural Light

Regrettably, lack of sunlight has for some time been linked to depression. Natural light increases energy and comfort and assists with regulating your circadian rhythms for a deeper sleep. Sliding glass doors and windows offer an abundance of light to help fight depression.

Sliding doors are made with large glass panes. These allow natural light into your space, which is a great mood booster. Additionally, with sliding doors, you will significantly reduce the amount of money you spend on indoor lighting during the day. You get to light up your house with sunlight while creating a warm and inviting home. Consider installing sliding doors on your patio to light up your living room and make it cozier. 

With panes running from the ground up to the top of the door panel, you may not even need to turn on any lights in the house during the day! This helps turn your home into an energy-saving zone and cut down on your monthly utility bills. At the same time, the natural lighting makes your home more welcoming and inviting.


Aside from framing a pleasant, gorgeous view of the outdoors, sliding patio doors also come in a wide range of colors and finishes that can enhance the curb appeal of just about any home style. You can also choose from a variety of grille options for extra charm, a window replacement expert adds.

Typically, sliding glass doors tend to complement most contemporary office designs. They allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors that will be inside the office. If your office space is quite spacious, the door enhances the beauty of your office's exterior and interior spaces. The transparent glass panel allows you to view the gorgeous scenes outside all year round. It is an 

excellent way of refreshing your mind after completing challenging tasks at your office desk.

Improve Energy Efficiency 

Are you trying to find ways to make your home more energy-efficient than it is right now? You can do it by:

sliding glass door in dining room with panoramic view
  • Sealing your windows better
  • Turning your thermostat up or down a few degrees, depending on what time of year it is
  • Adding insulation to your attic space

You can also do it by installing a sliding glass door. Sliding doors will help you heat up your home more effectively in the winter. They'll also include glass in them that will trap the cool air inside in the summer to keep your home nice and comfortable.

One unique property of sliding glass doors is that they are great insulators. This makes them energy-efficient doors that can significantly lower your energy costs over time. The doors also play a critical role in keeping your office space cool during the hot summer and warm during the winter. These doors can also be fitted with composite gaskets to offer optimal thermal insulation when needed. They effectively keep all drafts, rain, and dust out of your precious office space. They serve as effective rain barriers. For example, Milgard sliding doors are Energy Star certified, meaning the product promotes the highest quality of energy efficiency. 

Visibility of the Outdoors

Thanks to the massive size of the glass in sliding patio doors, you'll have beautiful views for days! Whether you want to look out at your garden, watch your kids play in the pool, or host an open-air luncheon, you won't be able to get enough of your new sliding glass doors.

A sliding glass door comes with an expansive pane of glass and has a rather narrower frame than other traditional doors. This feature allows you to gaze at your backyard, landscape, or pool without stepping out of the house. It also provides easy access to the outdoors because of the glass panel that glides effortlessly to the side.

Enhances the Interior Design 

Chances are, the exterior doors that you have installed in your home right now don't have much of a "wow" factor on the inside of your house. They might look great from the outside of your home, but that's about it.

huge sliding glass doors and outdoor space

Sliding glass doors will offer you the "wow" factor you're looking for from an exterior door on the inside of your home. They'll make a really strong statement and steal the show when people are visiting your home. You'll love the way that sliding glass doors look and feel. You'll also love being able to pick out window treatments for your doors that work well with the rest of the interior design in your home.


Despite being made of glass, sliding patio doors are not at all fragile. There are many different materials from which sliding glass doors can be made, all of them created to be as durable and long-lasting as possible. Fiberglass is a popular choice among homeowners because it's so hard-wearing and can resist atmospheric changes. Before having your sliding glass patio doors installed, ask your glazing contractor which material is best for your needs.


Sliding doors are secure when locked from within, as there is no simple method to open them from the outside. The rails are interlocked, so they can't be removed from the outside, too.

Because sliding glass doors are installed on tracks, they won't swing outwards, minimizing 

the chances of accidentally hitting someone when you open them or when a strong gust of wind slams them shut. In addition, sliding doors fitted with shatterproof safety glass are your best bet if you want to have the most aesthetically pleasing doors without compromising your family's security and well-being. Safety glass doors do not break into sharp pieces, reducing the risk of injury. 

Sliding doors are secure on their tracks with aluminum seals and gaskets, keeping the doors shut tight. A hook-over mechanism also locks the door in place and keeps it from being lifted out of its frame. Most of these doors are made of safety glass, which is incredibly robust and cannot be cut or damaged with brute force, offering impressive burglar resistance capabilities. 

Consider using some different locking arrangements for your patio door, like Multi-Point Locks. These secure the top and lower parts of the doors and guarantee better insulation. Moreover, you can install a security lock, which you can mount at the working door's top. The security bolt engages and locks into and is secured in the top door frame. These locks come in many colors t match your entry. You can likewise use a Security Bar, which mounts on the fixed side of the door frame. When you install the security bar, no one can open the entryway from the outside.

A Well-Ventilated Home

If you want to fully enjoy a beautiful day in San Diego, open your sliding patio doors and let the breeze flow in and out. It's perfect for a dinner party, hanging out by the pool, or simply reading a book. The options are endless, and the added comfort and versatility from sliding glass doors are, too.

glass sliding door to balcony  by the living room

Letting natural light flood into your living space through spacious glass patio doors can boost your mood and make you happier all year round. It also makes your home more welcoming and overall more enjoyable. Not to mention, having more natural light will cut down your need for artificial lighting and reduce your energy bills.

Wide Selection of Style and Designs

You have plenty of options for sliding doors. There are enough designs and colors of sliding doors in the market. The color you choose must meet your expectations and requirements. The design and style of the doors vary with the material you choose for the installation. Every material has its own advantages and disadvantages. You are required to choose according to the needs and budget you have decided for the overall installation project. 

Increase Your Home Value

Installing sliding doors can provide your home with a beautiful renovation and add value to your home. They can be significant when you sell your home. Another thing I will recommend is adding a screen. These can bring benefits, particularly for people who live in places with pests like flies, flying bugs, and mosquitoes. US Window & Door can install your beautiful sliding door for a better quality lifespan and less maintenance later on.

Choose US Window & Door to Install Your Sliding Doors 

If you want to welcome the bright and beautiful outdoors into your home, there's no better solution than stunning sliding glass patio doors. Creating a seamless transition from inside to outside will help your home look brighter, bigger, and airier. Golden Glass can install or repair sliding glass patio doors as well as hinged patio doors for your home or small business. To find out more about what finishes and design options we have available, schedule a free in-home estimate* to see which styles are right for you.