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Milgard Doors - Wood Doors with sidelites

How to Care for Wood Doors: Your Complete Guide

New doors don’t come cheap. Having a new front door installed can set you back...
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The Top Benefits of Installing Fiberglass Windows

Is it time to buy new windows for your home? Wondering if fiberglass windows are...
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Bay Windows: Why You Should Consider Them for Your Home

Bay windows project outwards from a home creating a beautiful display. These window replacements have...
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Milgard Aluminum Doors

Aluminum Door Care 101: How to Care for Aluminum Doors

Are you considering new doors for your home? Aluminum framed doors give your home a stylish look....
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How to Hire a Door Contractor for Your Project

Home remodeling is a $450 billion dollar market and is growing. Between 2016 and 2017 it...
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5 Questions to Ask Your Window Replacement Contractor

It’s scary to hire a window replacement contractor. The installer is as important as the...
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7 Types of Doors to Consider for Your Remodel

Doors play an outsized functional and aesthetic role within your home. A good set of...
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Plan Ahead: How Much Does It Cost to Replace Windows?

Windows are one of the most important features of a house. They allow you to...
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