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Are the Windows in the Home I Purchased Still Covered by Milgard’s warranty?

Milgard provides a full lifetime warranty for all new window installations. The warranties provide the property owners with a wealth of benefits. The standard warranties last ten years according to the projected longevity of their window products. Consumers who need further answers about Milgard’s Full Lifetime Warranty can review the following frequently asked questions.

What is Provided Through Milgard’s Full Lifetime Warranty?

According to Milgard Certified Dealers, the Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty for their windows provides repairs or replacements for any windows that are defective. Under the warranty, the full cost of any repair or replacement due to a defective product is covered completely. The warranty provides coverage for the window installation starting on the date of the installation and ending on the 10th anniversary.

Can a New Owner Use the Warranty Held by the Previous Owner?

Yes, the new property owner can use the lifetime warranty for Milgard windows that were installed prior to the purchase of the property. The seller can contact Milgard Certified Dealers and transfer their current and/or existing warranty to the buyer. Once the warranty is transferred, the new property owner can acquire the full benefits of the lifetime warranty.

What Happens if the Warranty Expires?

Any warranty for windows installed prior to a real estate transaction that expires on or before the purchase date cannot be transferred to the new owner. The warranty cannot be extended, and the new owner cannot purchase a new warranty. However, the Milgard Certified Dealer that sold the windows to the previous owner can extend repair services to the new owner.

What Milgard Window Products are Covered Under the Lifetime Warranty?

Milgard’s Lifetime Warranty provides coverage for window products in all of their product lines released after January 1, 2012. The product lines include the Montecito, Ultra, Tuscany, Style Line, Essence Services, Aluminum, and Style Line Series. The warranty provides glass breakage coverage for any windows from the Ultra, Tuscany, and Essence Series only.

What are the Benefits of Registering the Warranty?

Milgard doesn’t require any property owner to register their warranty to obtain full coverage for their products. However, by registering the warranty, any services covered by the warranty are easier to obtain. The window manufacturer needs the warranty number when processing any claims filed by the property owner. By registering the warranty, Milgard can find it faster and set up repairs or replacements for the property owner without additional paperwork.

The property owner won’t have to worry if they lose their copy of their warranty and need services. Milgard can acquire immediate copies of any warranty that is registered. When registering the warranty, the property owner needs the product number that appears on the warranty or on the side of the product.

Are Stress Cracks and/or Damaged Glass Covered Under the Warranty?

All stress cracks and/or damaged window glass are covered under the warranty for the first year after the installation. The damage is caused by mishandling of the product by installation teams or dealers who don’t follow recommendations when storing the window products. Milgard guarantees all their window products and will repair or replace windows with stress cracks and/or damaged glass. The property owner is advised to report the damage to their preferred Milgard Certified Dealer as soon as the damage is discovered.

What Window Products are not Covered by Milgard’s Full Lifetime Warranty?

Window screens are not covered under the lifetime warranty due to their lowered longevity. The screens are more fragile and more likely to sustain damage long before the windows show signs of wear and tear. If the property owner discovers any damage to the screens within the first year can report it to Milgard. The manufacturer will repair or replace the screens if they are defective and the damage is found before the first anniversary following the installation.

What Type of Window Damage is Not Covered Under the Warranty?

Milgard Full Lifetime Warranties explain certain exclusions that prevent property owners from obtaining coverage. According to the exclusions clause, the warranty won’t cover any window damage that occurred due to a fire and natural disaster. Any compromises in the property’s structural integrity, settling of the property, or condensation that causes window damage aren’t included in coverage either. The natural aging process or dulling of the window’s finish that is expected over time and/or due to wear and tear isn’t covered.

How Can Property Owners Find Their Warranty Online?

Milgard’s website provides a fast warranty search for homeowners who need a copy of their warranty after business hours. First, the property owner must indicate where they purchased their windows. Milgard provides window products in the United States and Canada. Next, the property owner chooses their warranty type from a drop down menu. Finally, the property owner selects the date range the identifies the installation date for their product. A copy of the warranty will appear on the screen and enable the property owner to review all services provided through their warranty.

What Conditions Can Nullify the Warranty?

In each Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty, the maintenance and care requirements are detailed. In the instructions is a list of actions that could lead to avoidable window and/or glass damage. If the property owner doesn’t follow the instructions and/or performs any actions advised against, the warrant is nullified and the property owner won’t acquire coverage for the damage. According to the warranty, coverage is not available if the property owner damages the window deliberately or accidentally by failing to follow the care and maintenance recommendations for their product.

Milgard Certified Dealers provide a full lifetime warranty for all window products and window glass they install. The warranties last ten years based on the projected longevity of the windows. Certain exclusions can apply if the property is sold or damaged due to uncontrollable events. Property owners who want to learn more about the terms of their warranty that weren’t covered in the FAQs are encouraged to contact Milgard Certified Dealers right now.