How Secure Are Vinyl Windows

Advantages of Milgard’s Sliding Glass Door and Window Locks

Security is always an issue, and property owners are constantly faced with decisions that impact the security of their homes. Statistics indicate that over two million home burglaries are reported every year with roughly thirty percent of those being through an open window or door. That’s why selecting sliding doors and windows with advanced locking mechanisms, and using those locks, is so important. Milgard Windows and Doors is an industry leader in security, and it shows. Learn more with our FAQ on the advantages of Milgard’s advanced locking mechanisms that exceed forced entry codes.

Choosing the Best Products for a Home

Window and sliding door locks have, for years, been easily overcome by would-be intruders. While updating some older sliding door and window locks is possible, even those updates rarely provide the level of security offered by modern products like Milgard’s SmartTouch® window lock. When selecting window and door options for a new home or an update, put safety first and select sliding doors and windows constructed with security in mind.

Understanding How the SmartTouch® Operates

Milgard’s designers understand that style and function are both important, and they combined both in the SmartTouch® window and silding door locks. The locking system is integrated into the design of the sash, resulting in a sleek, modern look that will fit into the overall design of virtually any home. The system operates easily, making it simple for homeowners to ensure their property is always secure.

Older lock systems were easy to thwart, as their very design made it simple for intruders to force the window or sliding door open. The newer designs for Milgard doors and windows are far stronger, easily exceeding California’s stringent forced-entry codes.

The locking systems are available on a variety of Milgard products, including the Tuscany®, Montecito®, and Essence® lines. If you’re currently exploring options for new windows or sliding doors, check out the offerings from Milgard and discover how they can provide your home with a level of security that’s hard to beat.

Another Step Forward in Security for Windows & Doors

Many owners of homes with sliding glass doors have been supplementing the standard door locks with additional locks that include bolts that fit into the upper or lower door frame. After-market options are certainly better than nothing, but they typically don’t look very nice and can be inconvenient to install and use.

In 2014, Milgard stepped up to the plate and introduced a factory-installed secondary bolt lock for its Tuscany®, Montecito®, and Essence® series sliding doors. With the flip of a lever, the bolt secures the door, providing an entirely new level of security without compromising safety, as some after-market options do. Remember that it’s vitally important that a home’s occupants are able to easily exit the home in case of some emergency. Some after-market options use key locks, which make egress difficult or impossible in some situations.

Milgard also offers their exclusive SecurityMax™ package to further enhance a home’s security. The multi-point locking system is paired with the SmartTouch® bolt and is activated using the SmartTouch® door handle. That makes securing a sliding door even easier for occupants and makes it harder to forget to fully secure the door.

Caring for Your New Milgard Windows and Doors

While all Milgard windows and sliding doors are built to last, some level of maintenance will always be required to keep those new windows and sliding glass doors functioning properly. In the past, some sliding doors were incredibly difficult to properly maintain. Milgard has taken steps to make routine maintenance simple enough for most homeowners to handle themselves.

As a rule, adjusting a sliding door will be the most common maintenance chore homeowners will face, as wear to components and extensive use will create a need to align the doors so they operate and lock properly. The other somewhat common repair need is replacing the lock snib on the sliding door, as these can be damaged when doors are not realigned soon enough or the snibs are mishandled.

Have the Right Tools Available

The tools required for adjusting the sliding door or replacing the lock snib are simple. Expect to need a Phillips screwdriver and some type of light-duty prybar for adjusting the door. A sturdy putty knife will generally be sufficient as a prybar during the adjustment procedure.  Replacing the lock snib is very simple and will only require the use of a Phillips screwdriver.

If you are not comfortable completing DIY projects around the home, it may be a good idea to hire a professional to service the sliding door. Since the process is not time-consuming, the cost should be minimal.

Replacing the Lock Snib

The lock snib is the latch used to engage the lock. In the event this element be damaged, it should always be replaced as soon as possible. Simply use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws located at the side of the cover plate. Once the screws and cover are removed, the snib will slide out. Note the position of the snib so the replacement is installed the same way. Replace the cover and reinsert the two screws to complete the procedure.

Adjusting a Milgard Sliding Door

Adjusting a sliding door is slightly more complicated but still relatively simple. To adjust the height of the door, remove the covers that protect the adjustment screws on the bottom of the door frame. Use the prybar to gently lift the door. That takes the weight off the wheels and makes it easy to turn the adjustment screws to move the door slightly up or down.

Once the door height is adjusted, it may be necessary to adjust the latch as well. The snib and strike plate must be aligned to function properly. If the alignment is not correct, use the putty knife to remove the strike plate. Loosen the screw beneath the strike plate as well as the screws at the top and bottom of the bracket. The bracket can then be moved up or down as needed to allow the engagement tongue to properly hit the strike plate.

Never be afraid to ask for help. If you’ve got questions about repairing or adjusting your Milgard sliding door mechanism or windows, feel free to contact Milgard’s customer service experts.

Are Milgard Windows and Sliding Doors Right for Your Home’s Needs?

The short answer is yes. However, discuss your home’s needs with a professional to determine which of Milgard’s products will best meet your home’s needs.