Wood Windows San Diego

U.S. Window & Door offers professional wood window installation in San Diego and throughout Southern California.  Wood-framed windows are among the most common choices for San Diego homes due to the availability and overall quality of the material.  Wood is strong, a natural insulator, and conforms easily to many styles of traditional residential architecture.  While it may need more maintenance than other materials, wood reveals stunning results after it has been painted or stained, showing off the natural grain.

For example, US Window & Door sells the Essence Series from Milgard which features a beautiful wood frame interior and its low-maintenance exterior will never chip, rot, or need painting.  The fiberglass exterior resists damage from water, cold weather, hot temperatures, salty air, and harmful ultraviolet rays.  In addition, the powder-coated exterior will not peel, bend, crack, or warp during extreme temperature fluctuations.

Wood Windows

Wood replacement windows blend well with nearly all homes, whether a home has a traditional look or a modern architectural style.  The rich qualities of wood can draw a lot of attention to its simple beauty and unique characteristics, when maintained properly.  Installing wood replacement windows in San Diego is definitely worth the investment and homeowners are seeing the many benefits!

Wood Window Replacement San Diego
Wood Windows Interior

Speaking of maintenance, wood windows and wood patio doors for that matter, typically require oiling, sealing and/or painting to keep them from attracting too much moisture which can ultimately lead to rotting or cracking of the wood itself.  Depending on the weather or regular usage, homeowners may need to sand or buff portions of the wood to keep it beautiful as well as functional. This maintenance has a wonderful benefit because the beauty of wood is very much worth the effort. Wood replacement windows are an excellent choice for your existing home or new construction!

Benefits and advantages of installing wood windows:

  • A stunning curb-side appeal, especially when it is painted or stained an appropriate color
  • Manufacturers can select or create customized colors for the door as it is being made
  • Excellent insulation, withstands the elements
  • Traditional look blends well with virtually any home

In short, there’s a reason why wood windows are so popular.  If you’re looking to upgrade your existing windows, consider installing wood windows in your San Diego home.  Contact US Window & Door to get started!