Increase Home Value with Replacement Windows

Will Replacement Windows Increase My Home Value

The primary objective of home improvement projects is to add value to the residential property. The objective is achieved by selecting the best updates and modifications to improve its market value. Replacement windows are among the cost-effective choices for home improvement projects that add value. The new installations offer a hefty boost in property values and assist owners who are looking to sell in the future.  

What is the ROI for Replacement Windows? 

On average, replacement windows provide a 74% return on the owner’s investment. The property’s value increases after the windows are installed professionally. For example, a professional installation costs the owner an average of $700 per window. A property with ten windows would cost the owner $7,000 for the total installation. The average return offers the owner a $5,180 increase in their property’s value. (As of Feb 2018) 

How Does Energy Efficiency Add Value? 

According to Energy Star statistics, single pane replacement windows provide a $27 energy savings for residents of California, and double pane windows offer a savings of $126. In west south central areas such as Texas, the single pane replacement windows offer a $90 savings, and double-pane options produce a savings of around $266. (As of Feb 2018) 

Homeowners who take into account features that offer more saving receive greater savings on energy costs. Replacement windows with coated glass block out ultraviolet and infrared light. The lowered heat transfer prevents a higher peak load. Overall the additional features save the homeowner significantly on their heating and cooling costs. The generated savings add immense value to the property. The reduction in energy costs is appealing to residential property buyers.   

How Do Maintenance Requirements Affect Value? 

The maintenance requirements bring into the assessment the concept of cost and worth. Replacement windows that are more affordable initially aren’t worth the high maintenance costs down the road. When assessing window choices, it is better to get a clear picture of all costs to determine if the products are worth the expense.  

Replacement windows that have a higher initial cost but provide more benefits and lowered maintenance costs are worth the price homeowners pay for the products. The added value with lower maintenance requirements is attractive to buyers and won’t present more out-of-pocket expenses immediately following the sale.  

How Do Specialty Windows Add Value? 

Specialty windows such as bay windows, for example, add value by opening up the living space. The window designs protrude outward and don’t deplete the size of living space. The installation increases the value by adding more functionality as well.  

The designs are often installed in conjunction with window seats which are useful and increase the property’s value significantly. The combination provides more seating space in the room and gives the owner a personalized nook to relax while enjoying impressive views. The products also improve ventilation in the room and offer more natural lighting.  

Replacement windows are an extraordinary choice for increasing property values and generating a real return on the owner’s investment. Property owners select their preferred styles based on their savings and overall benefits. Window contractors offer assistance in choosing the right windows for the greatest return. Property owners who want to learn more about replacement windows contact Milgard for an appointment now.