Milgard Window Dealers Best Products

What Milgard Vinyl Window Product Lines Are Available

Milgard has a rich history of providing high-quality windows and patio doors. All their products are manufactured and assembled in their plants throughout the country. Milgard Certified Dealers assist all property owners when selecting and purchasing new window or door installations. Among the company’s most popular products are their vinyl window selections. Property owners who want to learn more about the products can review frequently asked questions for additional answers now.

What Exterior Window Frame Colors are Included in the Tuscany Series?

Currently, the Tuscany Series provides eleven exterior frame colors from which to choose. The products are also available in popular color selections such as bronze, tweed, sand, and fog. The vinyl windows are guaranteed to retain their finish despite adverse weather condition and extreme temperatures.

What is the SmartTouch Window Lock?

The SmartTouch window lock is an advanced locking mechanism that is manufactured into the sash of the window. The feature helps the property owner open the windows easily without hurting their hands. The locking mechanism assists the property owner by ensuring safety and prevent unlawful entries. The locks are constructed of diecast zinc for improved durability. The locking mechanism is available with all Milgard window series.

What are the Features of the Style Line Series Single Hung Windows?

Currently, the Style Line Series single hung windows feature the high-quality vinyl construction for which Milgard is known. The windows also have the positive action locks that make opening the windows easier. All windows in the series are also protected under Milgard’s lifetime warranty.

Which Window Series is the Best Option for Noise Reduction?

The Quiet Line Series provides the highest rating for reducing noise. The current rating is around 48, and it is based on the Sound Transmission Class system. If the windows are double glazed, the product provides an even higher rating. Property owners who have small children and need more noise control could get the most out of the products.

What Glass is Available with Montecito Series Windows?

Property owners have the option to choose obscure or tinted windows when selecting the Montecito Series Windows. The obscure choices include clear, cross red, delta frost, frosted glue chip, glue chip, matelux, narrow red, and rain. The tinted windows selections include azurelite, cardinal low-E, evergreen, solar bronze, and solar gray.

What Hardware Comes with the Window Selections?

The Montecito Series provides the standard sash operator or the sash lock. The property owner can select either option for their window selection. The sash operator requires the property owner to crank the window outward to open it. The sash lock is a one-step device that allows the property owner to open the windows as much or as little as they prefer in an instant.

Are Color Screens Available for All Window Selections?

Milgard windows are complemented by color screens that are available in a variety of colors that match the window’s color scheme. The color screens are constructed of high-grade aluminum that is resistant to extreme heat and exposure to the elements. The products aren’t painted, but they are coated to extend their durability. The products remain aesthetically pleasing for many years.

Do All Milgard Windows Have Ultraviolet Sun Ray Protection?

Yes, Milgard windows are coated with a finish that allows ultraviolet sun ways to pass through the coating. However, the finish reflects the sun rays away from the property and prevent them from entering the property. The coating applied to the vinyl windows prevent the higher concentration of sun rays to damage the windows or cause the coating to flake or crack.

Why is PVC an Advantageous Window Material?

Milgard uses polyvinyl chloride to manufacturer their vinyl windows. The products require little to no maintenance and offer a beautiful addition for all property owners. The manufacturer adds titanium dioxide to their PVC products to increase the durability, heat resistance, and weather resistance of the windows. The PVC offers optimized insulation for the property and improves energy efficiency.

What Can Property Owners Expect with the Tuscany Series Horizontal Sliders?

The window design won’t protrude outward and cause issues outside of the property. The design allows the property owner to open the windows with one simple movement. The concept won’t present the property owner with any difficulties and offers the SmartTouch locking mechanism. The products are tailored according to the property owner’s geographical region and provides superior energy efficiency for the entire property.

Can Property Owners Utilize Windows from Different Collections?

Yes, Milgard Certified Dealers recommend adding windows from different collections to provide beauty and elegance to the home. In fact, the window selections from the Quiet Line Series are quite complementary to products from the Montecito or the Tuscany series. The additions could provide more noise reduction in areas that require more protection as well. Property owners could set up a consultation to review each product and compare options in each collection based on aesthetics and features.

Milgard Certified Dealers offer a wide selection of vinyl windows through four exceptional collections. The collections include Style Line, Quiet Line, Tuscany, and Montecito the series. Each selection offers property owners an assortment of features that improve their property and increase its aesthetic appeal. Property owners who want to learn more about the selections are encouraged to contact Milgard Certified Dealers right now to schedule an appointment.