Milgard Woodclad Doors San Diego

U.S. Window & Door is proud to offer the WoodClad Series by Milgard, which is one of the most preferred doors for upscale communities all over the country.  These replacement fiberglass doors are popular due to their rich wooden appearance, even though they are built with the strong characteristics of a fiberglass frame.  With a clean profile, Milgard WoodClad doors are sure to please an architectural purist who wants to keep a particular style while also appealing to the needs of any builder or contractor.

Milgard WoodClad Door Quick Facts

  • Upscale design
  • Fiberglass frame/exterior
  • Wood interior
  • Energy-efficient
  • Natural wood appearance with options
  • Available in a French door
Milgard Woodclad Doors with Grids

WoodClad Series doors are manufactured with a sturdy fiberglass base, but have a distinguished natural wooden look featuring a beautiful vertical-grain Douglas Fir interior frame.  U.S. Window & Door also offers an upgrade to a Mahogany option with a rustic Brownstone color exterior.  Rest assured that it’s not just any wood, either.  Milgard carefully selects every material used in their WoodClad Series, and they are known to be very picky; often times even counting the growth rings to judge a wood’s quality and consistency.

Milgard Woodclad Doors with Grids and Arch Windows

Manufactured to one of the highest standards in the industry, the fiberglass frame in a Milgard WoodClad door will not absorb moisture, which can cause the door to stick.  They also won’t crack, split, peel or warp throughout the years that you own your home.  That’s great news for homeowners in the San Diego area that are constantly dealing with the moisture-rich salty air of the Pacific Ocean.

The WoodClad Series is also available in a French door, in both out-swing version and in-swing styles.  Additionally, replacement French-style sliding doors can be made in this series creating an entirely different look altogether!  Whatever Milgard door you choose, both US Window & Door and Milgard have you covered.  Really.  With an industry-best lifetime guarantee, you have the peace of mind knowing that all of your doors, including Milgard’s fiberglass French doors, will last the lifetime of your home!

Milgard Woodclad Doors - Sliding Door with Grids

WoodClad doors are energy-efficient as well, thanks to Milgard’s exclusive SunCoat Low-E insulated glass, which allows maximum sunlight while keeping 84% of the sun’s harmful UV rays out.  This microscopic coating reflects heat during the summertime, keeping things cool but retains indoor heat during the wintertime, keeping your home warm.

Contact US Window & Door to help you find and install replacement fiberglass doors like Milgard’s WoodClad doors.  Request a quote to get started or simply give us a call today.  We look forward to making your San Diego door replacement and installation a truly enjoyable experience!