Wood Doors San Diego

Wooden-framed doors are a common choice in many homes due to availability as well as natural appearance.  In addition, wood is a natural insulator and is strong while easily conforming to various styles of traditional residential architecture.  Custom wood doors are popular in San Diego because many home styles differ greatly between neighborhoods and their individually certainly calls for it.  While wood may need a bit more maintenance than other materials like fiberglass or vinyl, wood frames display stunning beauty when stained or painted, showing off the natural grain of the wood as well as its rustic beauty.

US Window & Door carries the Milgard product line of wood doors, including wood patio doors.  These doors are constructed with a fiberglass exterior that resists damage from cold weather, hot temperatures and ultraviolet rays from the sun – and insects, too!  Also, the frame’s powder-coated exterior will not peel, bend or crack over time.  Milgard’s wood doors are truly ideal for San Diego living!

Wood Doors - Single Wood In-Swing Door

Benefits of installing custom wood doors:

  •  A stunning curb-side appeal, especially when it is painted or stained an appropriate color
  • Manufacturers can select or create customized colors for the door as it is being made
  • Excellent insulation, withstands the elements
  • Traditional look blends well with virtually any home
Wood Door - 4 Panel Sliding Wood Door

The Essence Series door by Milgard is a very popular choice because it offers greater energy efficiency and superior durability in a warm, traditional style.  U.S. Window and Door is proud to offer a selection of French doors in the Essence Series.  Aside from standard operation, a French-swinging door can be ordered with or without operable sidelites, giving you the option for a fully-opened entryway or one that opens in a classic manner.  There is also a French-style sliding door model if you are looking for a different design and style altogether.  Perhaps, best of all, these custom doors are available in 15 exterior colors!

US Window & Door carries and installs the finest wood doors in San Diego and we look forward to making your home the envy of the neighborhood.  Contact us for more information about custom wood door installation in San Diego, or simply request a quote today!