Referral Program for US Window & Door

US Window & Door Referral Program

Are you happy with our work on your project or just excited about our reputation in the industry? Help spread the word about our company, and you will receive 2.5% of the total contract of each new customer you refer to us as part of our referral program. We’ve already paid thousands to clients who referred family, friends, and colleagues to our company. We hold our company to the highest standards so that you can be assured your referral will be well handled.

We would be happy to pay you for your referrals. Just make sure to tell your referrals to mention your name when calling in to set up the appointment. Or you can send their information to us, and we will reach out to them directly. Just make sure they know we are calling. We will track the referral to the end of the project and once we have the final payment we can cut you a check for 2.5% of the total work on our initial contract with your referral. Please make sure we have your correct address especially if it has changed since we last worked with you.

Send all your information as well as your details on how to contact your referral through our CONTACT US page.

Fine Print: The referral program only applies to purchases of materials with an installation. The referee must mention you by name, or we must receive the information from you directly so that we know who to apply the referral to when setting up the initial appointment or quote. Referral checks are usually sent at the end or beginning of the month following the completion of the installation. Payment will only be released once the contract has been paid in full. 

Only the first contract of a new customer referral qualifies for referral checks. Repeat work with a client does not always yield additional referral checks depending on the time in between the first contract and any following contracts. Additional referral checks for further contracts with a repeat client are paid at the discretion of US Window & Door. However, you can always ask especially if you helped encourage the client towards additional contracts with US Window & Door.