Best Sliding Glass Doors in San Diego by US Window & Door

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The Best Sliding Glass Doors in San Diego

We offer energy efficiency and amazing design with the best sliding glass doors San Diego has to offer. Get your sliding doors installed by US Window & Door.

Which style of patio door is right for your home?

When choosing doors for your patio, there are many factors to take into account. . Which style is right for you? Which materials are best for your situation? What do you want to accomplish with these doors? What do you want to convey with these patio doors? What are the benefits of having sliding glass doors for your patio or outdoor space? What are some potential drawbacks?

What are the benefits of having a set of sliding glass patio doors?

♦ Easy to use

Sliding glass patio doors are incredibly easy to operate – simply slide  to open and slide to close. This is especially the case with Milgard’s Smart Touch handle, which opens or closes and locks with a single motion, eliminating any need for the extra effort on the part of the person operating the door.

Allow more light into your home

Sliding glass patio doors allow more light into your home for a more natural atmosphere, making it easier to save money on your energy bills that  concern lighting. Allowing more light into your home brings vitality and energy into the living space and even makes the air feel fresher.

Sliding glass patio doors are more inviting

If you choose to have sliding glass patio doors in your home, it will make for a more inviting atmosphere, perfect for hosting get-togethers, big or small.

You get better views

Sliding glass doors allow an uninterrupted panoramic view of the landscape, giving you an expansive feeling, unmatched by in-swing and out-swing French doors.   They allow more light in and similarly provide a better view than other kinds of doors, yet have grids set between the multiple panes of glass in each door or have  grids adherent to the outside of the glass. Both of these methods are used to give the appearance of having multiple small window panes set into interlocking frames throughout the doors. While this adds to the classic look and feel that  French doors provide, it interrupts the view and can feel somewhat restrictive and claustrophobic compared to the uninterrupted view provided by more modern sliding glass patio doors.

Tuscany Series

♦ Sliding doors save space

Sliding doors also save a significant amount of space, both inside and out. If you aren’t willing to sacrifice space inside, You can go with a set of out-swing French doors, and if you haven’t got a lot of space to spare in your patio or outdoor area, you can go with an in-swing French door.  Wouldn’t it be best not to have to sacrifice anything at all? With sliding doors, you get the best of everything, saving space inside and out. Sliding doors maximize the space of your home, both inside and out.

♦ Efficient, ergonomic

In addition to saving space, sliding glass patio doors are incredibly efficient and make  a far more ergonomic experience and provide a better flow to the layout of your home. In addition to the other potential drawbacks of in-swing or out-swing French doors, one should consider that entering or exiting your interior living space may require you to step back and so interrupt your momentum, which can be inconvenient if you are carrying a lot of heavy groceries, moving cumbersome furniture, or  for any other reason you need to pass in and out of your home frequently at any given time. If you don’t want to have to keep opening and closing the door every time you have to go in and out, sliding glass patio doors are the right choice for you.

♦ Modern look and feel

Sliding glass doors have a modern, sleek look and feel to them. They are totally efficient in every way, are low-maintenance, and highly secure. Their compact, space-saving nature is perfect for your modern lifestyle, and their large panes of glass add to the futuristic minimalism that is  increasingly popular in this day and age. Even with the modern ambiance inherent to this operating style of a patio door, you can also temper that modernity with a more traditional appearance depending on which style series you choose for your home. These patio doors come in six style series, each lending its own unique benefits to the personality of your home.

♦ Security

Sliding glass patio doors are inherently more secure, being set in tracks both  at the bottom (which is called the sill) and at the top (or the head). Pair that with Milgard’s Smart Touch handle and door bolts and our SecurityMAX package, and forced entry is an absolute non-issue. The doors have four locking points – one at the top, one at the bottom, and two in the handle latch. This security package surpasses even the most rigorous California forced-entry requirements.

♦ Energy efficiency

All of our sliding glass patio doors are Energy Star certified, designed to meet their standards in all regions of the US. They can be fitted with energy-efficient glass to your exact specifications, and the materials used for the frames and trim of the patio doors are specifically chosen for their energy-efficient properties. These properties are laid out below in the series regarding the six style series in which our sliding glass patio doors are available. Choosing an energy-efficient option can save you upwards of $400 on your energy bills, and helps to keep your San Diego home cool in the summer and warm in the winter by using cutting-edge technological advancements.

Milgard full lifetime warranty

All of our sliding glass patio doors are covered under our Milgard full lifetime warranty. This also includes coverage for glass breakage, so you won’t have to worry about a lot of extra maintenance or repair costs, as we will happily pay for all costs for labor and replacement materials. Not only does this full lifetime warranty include defects in the materials or workmanship found in the product upon arrival or installation, but it also covers any damage done to the product after installation. The Milgard full lifetime warranty commences from the date that the installation of your patio doors are installed, and is free and transferable for the first ten (10) years. We also make it incredibly easy to find and access your warranty information. The warranty is available on the Milgard website ( in a PDF format.


What are some possible drawbacks of having sliding glass patio doors?

♦  Preference of style

You might not want to choose sliding glass patio doors for your patio or outdoor area if you want a more traditional look for your home. Sliding glass patio doors give a sleek, modern look to your San Diego home and pair best with more modern architecture. If you have more of a colonial or traditional coastal home, in-swing or out-swing French doors may suit your home better.

More moving parts

While our sliding glass doors are easy for you and your family to operate, their design is more complex than that of traditional in-swing and out-swing French patio doors. As such, if something breaks, it may be more difficult to fix than a traditional French door. The good thing about this is that all of our sliding glass patio doors are covered under our Milgard full lifetime warranty.

essence series

Style series

Our sliding glass doors are available in six style series, giving you the ultimate customization experience. Whatever style series you choose from, your sliding glass patio doors will certainly add a sleek and modern feel to your outdoor area, and to your home in general. All of our sliding glass patio doors are expertly crafted with only the finest materials and are the perfect balance of quality and affordability. As stated above, all of our sliding glass doors are covered under our lifetime warranty, so you will be protected from additional cost, whether due to defects in the material or workmanship of the product, problems with or resulting from installation, or glass breakage or other damage to the product at any point after installation.

Tuscany Series

The Tuscany Series is one of three vinyl options we offer at Milgard. Our vinyl formula has excellent insulating properties and is in every way a low-maintenance material. It is also an inexpensive option, so you can save money not only on your yearly energy costs but on the front end as well. Vinyl (PVC) is an excellent choice, as it is durable, lightweight has a clean look and feel to it, and it excellently withstands severe weather and temperature changes. The Tuscany Series is one of our style series with a somewhat more traditional look to it. The Tuscany Series also comes with a choice between standard and French rails, and a grid option for an even more classical look, giving the appearance of multiple panes, as in a traditional in-swing or out-swing French door. In short, this is likely the best choice if you have difficulty deciding between a more traditional look or a more modern appearance, as it perfectly balances both.

Trinsic Series

The Trinsic Series offers the widest, most expansive views of all the style series we have to offer for our sliding glass patio doors. The thin frame profile if this style series provides the maximum amount of viewable glass, perfect for a coastal view and for allowing as much light into your home as possible. The Trinsic Series is our second vinyl option, so going with this style series, you will not have to worry about yearly upkeep. Vinyl withstands severe weather and temperature changes and stays true to its original shape. The Trinsic Series looks so natural in your home, it is easy to understand the reason for its name – this style series will be intrinsic to your home and you will wonder how it wasn’t always there.

Style Line Series

The Style Line Series is the third and final vinyl style series for our sliding glass patio doors. It is certainly the most affordable of the three vinyl options. The clean lines and still thin frame profile of these patio doors offer the modern look and feel inherent to the whole operating style and make for the perfect viewing experience.

Ultra Series

The Ultra Series is our only full fiberglass option which consists of both wood and fiberglass. Fiberglass is a superior choice given its highly durable nature, its clean appearance, its energy-efficient properties, and given the fact that it is easy to maintain. Choosing the Ultra Series will save money on yearly or otherwise seasonal upkeep of your patio doors, as you will never have to paint them and they are easy to clean. Fiberglass also does not swell or rot like wood does, so it will always stay true to its original shape.

Aluminum Series

Our Aluminum Series is made from a well-formulated kind of aluminum that has better thermal properties than a typical aluminum frame. Aluminum is an inexpensive option and is durable. This style series has clean sightlines and the frame remains true throughout the years. The Aluminum Series, however, is not advised for coastal areas like San Diego, given its tendency to corrode in areas with high moisture content in the air and when exposed to salt for an extended period of time.

We are happy you have chosen to go with Milgard windows and doors, and we look forward to helping you with all your window and door needs for your San Diego home.