Bay Windows: Why You Should Consider Them for Your Home

Bay Window

Bay windows project outwards from a home creating a beautiful display. These window replacements have one main window in the middle of two side windows. Milgard Bow windows are similar with the only difference being that they have more than three windows.

Whether you’re ready to remodel your home or are just doing a few upgrades here and there, you should consider installing bay windows. They’re a great option for any home so you won’t have to worry about them fitting into your home’s style. And although one of the main reasons why home owner’s install bay windows is for the aesthetics, they offer more benefits than you might be aware of.

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1. Enhanced Natural Lighting

The first benefit of bay windows is that they enhance natural lighting to your home. When home buyers are looking for a house to purchases, one of the main things that they look for in a home is a lot of natural lighting. In fact, you probably looked for this feature yourself before making your final decision.

And if your home could do with a bit more natural lighting, then installing bay windows are a must. Because of their large size and panoramic views, bay windows allow for natural light to enter into your home from several different directions. Whether you decide to add these windows to your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or any other room in the house, you’ll be enhancing the natural light significantly.

2. Increased Views

As briefly mentioned before, bay windows create a panoramic view from your home. With bigger windows and more windows, your exterior view becomes increased. These windows allow you to view the outdoors from several different directions.

Although they work well in any room on any level, the views that they create are an amazing addition to an upstairs master bedroom or downstairs kitchen nook. Imagine waking up in the morning and opening your bedroom curtains to a full panoramic view of your home’s surroundings. Once you make your way into the kitchen, you can relax with hot tea or coffee and enjoy the views while reading the newspaper or your favorite book.

3. Maximize the Space

Bay windows maximize the space in your home by adding more dimension. Because these windows project outwards rather than keep flat against your home’s walls, they give you more space. They also make the room feel much larger than what it is.

This is due to the added dimension and the natural light that bay windows offer. The new area that your bay windows create is a wonderful place for creating extra storage, a comfortable lounge, or a quaint reading nook. You could also opt to leave the space open and use it as a place to stand and simply enjoy the views.

If you have a room in your home that feels a bit tight, install bay windows to maximize the space.

4. Better Ventilation

If you need to add better ventilation in any of your home’s rooms, then bay windows are an excellent choice. The large size of the windows provides more ventilation for a room. The larger center window is normally fixed in place, but the other two side windows can open.

Having two windows open on opposite sides means you’ll create a breeze from both directions into your room. This gives you much more ventilation than having only one window opened.

5. Increased Home Value

One of the main reasons why people choose to install bay windows in their home is for the added aesthetic appeal. What these homeowners sometimes don’t realize is that they’re actually adding to their home’s value. Bay windows look stunning from the outside giving the home a more modern and clean feel.

The curb appeal heightens and potential buyers are excited to enter. From the inside, natural light and exceptional views are created all while adding more square footage to the home. The combination of all these benefits means an increase in the home’s value.

6. Give You Options

Bay windows are versatile. They work well in many different style homes such as Victorian to modern. There are also several options to choose from when selecting the right bay windows for your home.

This is what makes them so versatile other than their beauty. You can choose from materials such as aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl. Here’s a brief description of the different materials.


Aluminum bay windows are durable. This material is often used when specific requirements for the window need to be met.


Fiberglass windows are the perfect choice for someone who’s looking for minimal maintenance requirements. Fiberglass bay windows are beautiful and are built strong.


Vinyl bay windows require very minimal maintenance and are most commonly made for new-construction homes. Their features include some of the newest hardware and enhanced security features.

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