How to Adjust A Hinge on a French Swing Patio Door

Door hinges are a vital part of any Milgard french swing patio door. When these hinges are out of adjustment, the door cannot operate accurately. Therefore, it is essential for homeowners to know how to adjust a hinge on a french swing patio door by Milgard. (Please make sure to read our FAQs disclaimer before reviewing or enacting any FAQ content/recommendations.)

There are specific tools that are needed when learning and executing the task of how to adjust a hinge on a french swing patio door manufactured by Milgard. You will need a Philipps Screw Driver, Feeler Gauges (if you have it available), and safety glasses and gloves. Once you have procured the proper tools, you need to inspect each hinge for any gaps. If there are any gaps, the hinges will have to be adjusted until you remove said gaps. Opening the middle hinge gap all the way, you will start by closing the hinge gap for the upper and lower hinges. Once you close the hinge gaps and the hinge barrels are touching, you load the hinge by rotating the Vertical Adjustment Screw one additional turn. Finally, repeat for all hinges until all gaps between hinge barrels are gone.

The second thing to concern yourself with when learning how to adjust a hinge on a french swing patio door, by Milgard, is the vertical gap adjustment. First, you want to measure the gaps between the top of the door panel and frame and the bottom of the door panel and frame. Subtract the smaller gap from the larger gap and divide that by two to see how much you need to adjust the door panel. Next, you remove the panels and adjust the hinge gap with the vertical adjustment screw. Rotate the screw towards the V indicator to raise the panel and in the opposite direction to lower it. Rehang the panels and repeat until the gaps between the frame and panel are equal.

Finally, when dealing with how to adjust a hinge on a french swing patio door, you need to know how to adjust the horizontal gap. You want each gap to be between .090.” ± .060.” If not, then you will have to adjust the horizontal gaps. To do so, first, remove the door panel and use the horizontal gap adjustment screw to adjust the gap. Turning the screw clockwise will open the gap while counterclockwise will close it. Then rehang the panels and check to make sure that the gaps are in the specified range. Repeat these steps until all gaps are within the appropriate range.

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